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  • Jimi Wikman
    Jimi Wikman

    Getting into Path of Exile

    Back in 2017 I tried to play Path of Exile, but I did not like it very much. The skill mechanics, the gritty graphics, the complex skill tree, none of it appealed to me. As Destiny 2 is pretty much dead at the moment with little to no activity to be interested in I figured I should give it a go again. So far it has been interesting and fun.

    To say that Path of Exile is a complex game is an understatement. Just the base mechanics with the huge passive skill tree and the skill gems are enough to scare some people away. I am still struggling with that so adding all the other mechanics on top is a handful to say the least.I have cards and essences dropping and at every turn I discover something new it feels like. It is a bit overwhelming, but I decided to just accept that my first characters will not be very great. It will take time to explore the game, so I might as well just have some fun with it.

    My first character this time around is a Ranger, which fit my playstyle pretty good. I started with a rough idea of what I wanted to focus on and so far it is going pretty well. I die to the bosses now and again, but other than that I am ok I think. I pretty much melt the mobs and now as I hit lvl 64 I got some new toys to play with and we'll see how that works out. So far everything dies a bit to fast for me to test out the new quiver for example so I will have to take it into something a bit more difficult to see how it works.

    Gearing up has been pretty easy as I got my hands on some currency early and trading has been pretty fast and easy so far. I can see that being a thing to do as the game itself start to become a bit less interesting. I did a ton of trading for Diablo 2 back in the day and that was a lot of fun. Path of Exile are a whole lot better in regards to trading however and the community is on top of it, which makes it super easy to get into. I pretty much have all the gear I need right now for the Ranger builds I want to make. I say it in plural because I will make a new build as the passive tree need an overhaul, which was expected.

    Screenshot_2020-09-08 Path of Exile(1).jpg

    As you can see I also did a bit of Harest League, but I decided to focus on Standard League for now to get used to the many mechanics. I also did the first ascendancy for my main character and I actually enjoyed that mechanic with traps and so on. I was at lvl 60 for the first one so a bit over powered for sure. I will probably do the second one later, but first I have to figure out my skills.

    A the moment I am just being a bit lazy using Ballista with Tornado shot or Caustic arrow to clear out the mobs, but I need to figure out my other skills. I just remapped my mouse and Tartarus, so I think the setup is decent right now. That means I can focus a bit more on what I need, mostly for boss clears and survivability since I am a complete glass cannon.

    I did invest a bit into the game (which I think is fine since it is a free to play game). I bought some stash tabs for currency and some premium tabs for trading and stash management. I also bought some cosmetics to test that out and also tried the Mystery box feature that was pretty interesting. These things are very expensive though so I will not invest to much at regular prices, but will wait for sales that happen pretty frequently. I will probably buy some additional tabs later because focused tabs make things a whole lot easier to organize, but for now I am just focusing on learning things.

    At the moment I am at Act 8 (out of 10), so I will focus on getting the campaign done to est out endgame a bit before I start working on my first guided character. The new league called Heist is coming out in 10 days and with it there will be a new patc with changes. So I will wait for that to see what changes are coming before I start my new character.

    Overall this is just a nice change from Destiny 2 and there is no shortage of things to learn or do for quite a while playing Path of Exile.

    So, so far so good 🙂

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