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  • Jimi Wikman
    Jimi Wikman

    Feeling a bit blue as vacation hits

    Even though life is pretty good these days and despite today being the first vacation day, I feel a bit blue. Maybe I just need some alone time. Maybe I feel the lack of creative outlet as I have been doing very little actual work compared to how I usually work. Maybe it is just the way the world is right now...

    Feeling blue is not a bad thing. It is just an emotion like any other and feeling is good. It is also good to reflect a bit on why you feel the way you do because sometimes things have impact on both physical and mental health.

    The madness that is the world today

    While Covid-19 are causing all kinds of issues for the world I do not feel the effect that much to be honest. Sure I feel a bit isolated, but my Introvert side balance that pretty well. The biggest impact is probably that I get annoyed with all the stupid questions about the strategies Sweden have been using. It just feel petty to try to find flaws after the fact, when it's quite clear that because people are either incompetent, stupid or just misinformed we don't need to lock people up.

    I figure it's quite clear by now that the way we treat our elders are not really working and it has not for many years. It is not that Covid-19 suddely become a killer for elders, they have suffered this for decades with the flu and other viruses. We just never measured it before so it became evident as it is now. We still have old people starving in their homes and being treated like shit as they get sacrificed on the altar of greed.

    The United States just cause headaches these days...

    The fact that I once looked at the USA as an amazing country of opportunities and freedom feels strange these days. I have long considered the USA to be a dangerous country, but lately they seem to have lost their minds completely. I don't just mean the fact that they allow someone like Trump to have any form of power, but there is a growing madness spreading as well. A sort of intolerance of intolerance that is going way beond the absurd. It is becoming dangerous.

    There are so many people being hurt over the mass hysteria mobs that ride on their high horses and judge every moral misstep as a capital offense. Still, no one bat an eyelash over the rape of other contries or the fact that their country torture and murder people openly. It is just so tiersome to watch such hypocrisy and to see the hate mobs run amok on social media.

    Running, running, running!

    Even before the COVID-19 situation there has been a sense of mad running among many companies. Rather than doing things well, they run headfirst into everything with little to no thinking. People with strong opinions rather than the ability to lead seem to be promoted, making decisions on managment level slow and hard to understand. Reorganization is done for all the wrong reason in a perpetual top dow approach where the latest buzzwords are more important than clear communication and proper tools for the ones who actually do the work.

    Holding a blackbelt in pointless meetings and talking about things that you do not understand just to look good seem to be the top priorities in some organizations. It's a bit frustrating at times, and in others it is a challenge to try to navigate to actually make a difference to the people that suffer.

    I am offended, now you must burn!

    Everything you say or do is offensive to some people and somehow offending someone is a cause for a moral crusade to begin. Recently I read that someone was offended that people looked at them while wearing a facemask and somehow that was harassment. I just get so tired hearing these ridiculous complains about how people are offended by the most stupid things.


    "Just because you are offended, does not mean you are right."


    Over all people just seem hell bent on being angry over everything lately. Respect, compassion and actually caring for others seem to be traits that more and more are pushed back in favor of intolerance, ignorance and egocentricity. It just make me feel tired in my soul and it scare me a bit to see how people take any good cause and pervert it to hate.

    I guess I need a bit of vacation and recarge. Most of all however I think I need the time to feel creative again.

    First I need some sleep however and let my mind wander and rest a bit.

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