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  • Jimi Wikman
    Jimi Wikman

    When you are having a blast enjoying life as it is

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    In the midst of all the terrible events in the world with Corona virus and things like that I find myself really enjoying life as it is. I work in a project that is chaotic and time pressed, yet it is actually one of the more enjoyable projects I have had in a long time. I am having a blast.

    It is always fun when I take on a temporary assignment doing design again. These projects are usually smaller in both scale of delivery and the number of people involved. They are also usually more chaotic and most of the time subject to a bit optimistic time estimation.

    This might seem like they would be negative experiences, but they almost always come with a very positive attitude. In this project for example we often get compliments and positive feedback from the client. No matter how chaotic things might be everyone in the team get things working and help each other out. Never will you hear complaints or see anyone pointing fingers.

    If you never try to step down for a while and renew your energies, then you are surely missing out. Even now that I have quit my job and with the Corona virus running rampant I am still the most relaxed I have been in quite a while. I get to dig into Sketch deeper and building things with Angular Materials that people will use every day.

    What can be better than that?

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