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  • Jimi Wikman
    Jimi Wikman

    Exciting week ahead and yes I have a beard...

    Last week was very exciting for me and I had some great fun at work to say the least. I am now moving forward towards a very exciting week with some directions that need to be confirmed. I also get to decide if I keep my Apple Watch Beardor not as I should get it on Friday finally!

    So on work I have had an awesome time this week, not just at the client, but also internally. I had a meeting where I set up some goals for the next year or so and now I am super excited to say the least!

    I have some great challenges ahead and my mind is going bananas over all the amazing opportunities I have at Claremont. We are already awesome beyond belief in the UX team I belong to, but the potential is just staggering!

    Barely a month as an employee and I am ready to kick in some serious gears as I see potential pretty much everywhere. It feels so great to work in a company where growth is seen as a good thing and where I feel I can pretty much go where ever I feel I want to.

    After a very long wait it looks like my Apple Watch Nike Edition is finally going to arrive on Friday. It's actually going to be my first watch ever that I might actually wear. Even if I have had a few watches before I never liked to have them on my wrist, so I hope Apple Watch can change that.

    Last week I decided to test having a beard with the motivation "hey, why not?" and the fact that I have never actually tried it before. So far I am not really sure how I like it after two weeks, but I guess I need to let it grow a bit more before I decide. You can follow that experiment on my Instagram if you are interested.

    Personally I started with my get up early project, but I realized it was not what I needed. Instead I downloaded an app to my phone and set up some some tasks I needed to do every day. This included getting more sleep and drink plenty of fluid which has done wonders so far.

    Water and sleep are important so I'll make sure I catch up on that as I have been pushing a bit hard before the summer and I need to fill up on the energy reserves and flush the body of stress related toxins.

    So my coming week will be amazing and some decisions will most likely be made so I get directions going forward. I'll also move forward with some fun projects, both privately and at work and of course I'll spend some time learning how to live with a watch on my wrist.

    So even if the fall is making things dark outside my inside is bright and just as colorful as the leaves outside in a golden sunset.

    Life is indeed good.

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