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    “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

    ― Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles"

    Focus on progress, not Perfection

    Working on this site is therapeutic in many ways. One thing that I am starting to learn is that striving for perfection, or the final solution, is not always the best thing. It can instead lead to paralysis and you get nothing done. So I am starting to adapt to a more productive way of thinking and focus on progress, not perfection.
    This site has been a "work in progress" pretty much since 2002 or so and it has never been completed. It is always in a state of transformation and it probably will be for years to come. If I try to make everything perfect, then it will always be a train wreck because perfection takes a whole lot of focused time that I do not have. Instead I will focus on making progress and adding content even if it is not exactly the way I want it. That way I can get the content up and then I can improve on it gradually.
    Making that shift in my mind has been really good and I no longer get frustrated over the situation. I feel that this is something I need to incorporate more into my work as well. I sometimes get frustrated by the slow progress towards for example the proper Jira design or way of working that waste time and energy. By not focus so hard on the final solution I will focus more on how to make progress towards it. Considering that many larger organizations might need years to move towards the designed solution, if ever, that should make things less stressful for everyone involved.
    In many ways that is the same mindset that I have for training or when playing games. I will not get to the goal instantly, but through slow and steady progress.
    You learn every day, which is also a slow and steady progress 🙂

    Not so good week this week...

    This week has not been one of my better weeks. It has been filled with stress and I have pretty much been running a fever all week. Sleep has been terrible and I had to take some fluid replacements to avoid health issues since eating and drinking has been less than ideal.
    It's not often that work affect me in a negative way, but this week and last week really did.  A project that really upset me and caused me to take time off to avoid stress related effects came back to haunt me. The project itself was not the issue though, it was the communication and the planning that was really bad. An internal decision also pissed me off royally, so to get that back in my lap really frustrated me as it felt disrespectful to say the least.
    Fortunately it is resolved now (I hope) so I can leave that behind me.
    Being without an assignment also start to wear on me as it's only so much you can do with free time before your skin starts to crawl. Sure it's fun to play with this site, but the endless work of sending applications to assignments are a bit tiresome. This is where I wish there was a Demando for consultants as well. I see so many job descriptions that immediately make me cringe and say no because I can read the chaos behind.
    The work I see are pretty limited right now, which is a bit odd. Usually you find more work in January, but now it seems a bit slow. I also see that the agencies helping with matching work is in need of some work as the sites look...well, not so good. The odd ball out there is probably the relatively new Tech Relations owned by Diana Itaoui. My favorite eWorks seem to have completely destroyed their website this week, which I hope is temporary.
    Training this week has been bad as well with just one session that my son did not really put his best effort into as he was super tired. Yesterday we skipped it as none of us had the energy after a full day at BUP (Child psychologist) and then cutting our hair at the mall. I was tired since the day before even when I went to the office to help @Christian Planebrink with some stuff. Our office is still full och glue and paint residue so my SHR kicked in of course even if I was there only for 2 hours.
    Still, it's not as bad as it may sound and my life is still blessed by many standards. I'll just need some sleep and a ton of fluids and then I should be back in the saddle again. If I also can get something constructive to do and proper pay again, that would be awesome.
    So it's just to move forward and write this week off as one of the not so good ones and hope for a better one next week.

    A new beginning starts with a single step

    Last night, as my cats would not let me sleep, I pushed out the new design here on the website. That means that it took less than 48 hours from starting the design in Sketch until it was designed and built. This gave me some good ideas on how to proceed and of course I also broke the SEO badly by changing the URL structure.
    The new design is mostly made up of 2 things: The new header and the hero banner block. The new header was easier than expected, even if the instructions for the navigation sub-menu's was a bit misleading. I went with a less cluttered look and more focus on my content areas, which I have to actually create in order for the design to be complete.
    I changed the global template a lot and one of the main things I changed was to break out one of the widget areas so it became full width.  This is something I have looked at for a while, but it was actually a lot easier than expected. By making this change I can have full width content so I can choose the layout I want. By adding custom blocks I can now create puzzle pieces that can do pretty much anything I want.
    Next up will be to build the footer, which will be a simple 5 column footer with some CSS styling (using transform). I also need to design the section pages and decide what content you should find there. It's a total of 9 (plus 2) pages for now and then I need to design and build the pages for Guest Blogging, Awesome People instructions and a page about all the features of this site. I also need to update the different databases and clean up the CMS structure so it's easier to work with.
    So far I absolutely love to work on this and it felt so good working with PHPStorm again after so long.

    A reflection of the week that passed

    Another week have passed and as usual I have kept busy with the site. This week I did not feel great as I got a little bug that the family left behind, but it's one of those that just make you feel miserable. Still I had some nice progress on things here and things are looking pretty good.
    I started the week by looking over my content sources and decided to upgrade my Feedly account again. It cost a bit, but I think it will be worth it as I now can have a better inflow of content. Since a lot of interesting things comes in, but not really something I want to write about myself, I tested out a new format called Happenings of the Week. This allow me to create a curated list of interesting content that hopefully will be interesting to the people visiting the site.
    This also made me look into MailChimp again to create a newsletter for this type of content. I have not upgraded yet as I do not have that many users yet and the basic templates is ok for now. I will send this out weekly, probably on Sundays so I have time to manage it without feeling stressed during the week. I will also have a weekly blogpost of course if you prefer that.
    Over at Shutterstock I am still trying to fill up the 750 images so I can purchase that. It's surprisingly difficult when you do not really know what you need. I try to spread things out across the different content areas, but still 750 images is a lot!
    As far as the site goes I keep adding content and things feel great. I have some areas that need some extra love, but I am in no hurry. There are some design flaws, but as I am looking into a design update during 2020 anyway I will fix that then. The big changes I will make is to change the header a bit and then edit the templates a bit to add a header section in the content areas. This will allow me to organize things better and I can differentiate content a bit better.
    Overall I have posted 5 blog posts this week in the Blog Articles section and that is I little more than I planned for. There is just so much to write about however, so I do not feel there is any shortage on that front yet. I even joined some subreddits where I get a ton of ideas and inspiration to complement the content I get from Feedly.
    On the Peoples section I have a backlog of people that want to be presented. It's kind of nice and I have a little special thing I would like to do for the People section later. It require some planning, but it should be fun I think.  For now I have more than enough to add people on a weekly basis, which is nice. I do plan to add a few new things to that section, like a section for my comments and some links to more social media like Behance, Instagram and Dribble.
    So this week has been great so far and next week is hopefully even better.
    How was your week?

    How to build and maintain this website

    Structure. Guidance. Organization. These are words that echo in my mind right now. In 2019 I played around a lot with the site and now I feel that I need a bit of consistency as things can get out of hand if not structured. This goes for tools as well where I feel things are in need of a cleanup.
    The first thing I really need is to organize my Dropbox. It is a mess right now and it makes things harder to find AND since I do not really know where to place things it just keep getting messier. If I am going to buy more graphics, then I also need a way to keep it organized. This is on the top of my agenda.
    Once I have my files in order I need to start organizing my Sketch files. Again things are a bit all over the place and I really need to get things organized. This also ties into my design guide since it is tied to the Sketch files. I really need to put time aside for working more with Sketch as I feel I am not doing that enough lately.
    One area where things are getting a bit messy is for assets. Things like Icons are scattered a bit all over the place and I really want to make sure things are organized and structured. I need to define a structure, not just for graphics, but for things like tags and titles as well so it looks and sound the same.
    As I build components and edit CSS files this too is getting a bit messy. I have done most coding directly into InvisionCommunity, but I should start using the designers mode more together with PHPStorm so I can get a nice structure of the code again. Speaking of PHPStorm I should really start writing more about IDE's I think.
    With things running ok on the site now I feel I want to make some changes to the layout. This is mostly cosmetic things that just annoy me and is easy to fix. For example I see that font-size is a bit large in the blog listings and the item prefix is messing up the headlines for no reason. I also need to add a wrapper around the follow and like functions as they are conflicting with the notes feature causing an overlap.
    I am building up a backlog in Jira where I will start creating the new website management design. This will also be a featured series on the site where I will show how to build a setup that works for design, code and article management. Right now I have a basic setup and it still works very well for me as a single user. We'll see how that can work later on when I bring in some more people hopefully.
    I start to see that adding content to the site is not at all as difficult as I thought. I keep finding tons of things to write about so it's more of finding the time rather than the topics. I have some regular posts that will be weekly, like the Atlassian Cloud release update and I probably can add a weekly profile as well. I hope this feeling will continue throughout the year.
    Overall I feel very good about this site today and it's fun to work with.

    2020 training goals

    I am going back to training again after 7-8 months off. It's not a new years resolution, but something I need to feel good. I have already started by doing the first couple of training sessions to chock the system and get the first training ache going and out of the way. Then in 2020 it's back to the gym again and we'll see how that goes.
    I am going to do a few things different in 2020 and I have set up a few goals for myself. As with my writing the biggest focus will be on consistency. Even a bad workout is better than no workout after all. I also have a few focus areas that will always be part of my training:
    Core strength Grip Strength Cardio Flexibility Core strength is there because my midsection is probably my weakest point. With the extra fat and a funnel chest my stomach look like a bowling ball. So I will strengthen the core and reduce body fat. I will also work on some mobility, even if it's a bit tricky as my lower spine is stiff due to my lower part being grown together. While this comes naturally with training I will add abs and lower back exercises in every training session. I am also considering adding thaiboxing / MMA training to the mix a few days a week for flexibility and core strength.
    Grip strength might seem a bit strange, but I want to ensure I do not end up with a weak grip forcing me to use straps to train my back. I also need to increase my endurance for grip pressure as it currently hurt hanging from a bar. As I aim to work quite a bit on my back I need to be able to do pull ups and for that I need good grip strength as well as grip pressure endurance. For this I am hanging from a bar before each training session. This let me not only slowly make my body used to the pressure in my hands, but it also stretches my chest and shoulders, helping with posture a bit. I will add leg raises later to add some core strength in there as well.
    Cardio has always been a weak point for me. As I grow older it becomes harder to do running so I will not focus on that as the chance of failure is high. Power walks however is a great option and I will walk back and forth to the gym, which is 6km. I also have a nice route just for walking that is 5km that I aim to take every day I am not going to the gym. I am going to try out battle ropes and some other exercises to get that pump going.
    Flexibility is starting to be very important as I am getting old and with issues in my lower back and with a situation where I sit most of my time I need to do some stretching. I will end all workout sessions with stretching where a big focus will be on the hips and legs. One goal is to be able to put both palms to the ground in 2020 and to do a full split in 2023. The first one I am sure I can do and the second one I am not as sure of. Still going to push for both however. I will also focus on chest mobility as it seems to have good effect of SHR symptoms.
    Right now I am planning on going to Friskis & Svettis here where I live. It's a decent gym, not to far away and I can go there with my son when he feel like working out. I can walk in about 40 minutes or I can take the bus, which makes it accessible which I feel is most important right now. The downside of this choice is that the gym does not open until 06.30 in the morning so early morning training is pretty much out of the question when on assignment. This is because I have around 1 hour commute and my work start at 8 most days.
    If I decide to start doing thaiboxing / MMA then I will probably go for Combat Academy as it's pretty close and I pass it on my way home from work. This one is a bit trickier as it has a fixed time and it's not always so easy to keep that with work. My wife also start a new job next week, which means she will do some late shifts so i will be doing the cooking on those days. Still, I can opt for 4 days of workout with both thaiboxing and MMA so that should make it possible to get at least one or two sessions each week. Still undecided on this, but I'll go there to check it out just the same.
    Planning is one thing, but execution is another. So I have already started and it feels great. It hurts a lot right now of course as I shock the system, but the me time doing power walks in the dark feel amazing. I will train with my son a few times a week is the plan, but I need to add a few sessions in just for me as well.
    I need to buy new shoes as my running shoes are pretty worn out. I also plan on buying new headphones with noise cancelling as my AirPods was snatched by my son and my old trusted sony wh-1000xm2 are way to bulky for the gym. I'll probably go for Sony WF-1000XM3 or AirPods Pro which also have noice cancelling.
    In January I will start with high reps training doing 3 sets of 12-15 reps. This so I slowly get the body used to the motions again and to avoid injuries. Focus will be on quality reps rather than strength. Last week I will do 5 sets of 8-10 reps and then in February I will go for 6-10 sets with 3-6 reps for pure strength.
    In March and June I will continue the 6-10 sets with  3-6 reps, but will mix in high reps for variation. In July and August I will go for midrange of 5 sets of 8-10 reps with a lot of super sets. September and October will be a mix of high reps and low reps trying to combine strength with blasting the muscles with blood.
    November and December will be all about strength as by the end of 2020 I aim to do:
    100kg Bench press 100kg Squat 100kg Dead lift 3x10 pull ups For squats and dead lift this will probably be adjusted since 100kg there is not that much for me. I could probably do that today if I tried, so we will see how high this goal will be adjusted. I am tempted to double them, but that would be to much I think. Maybe 150-160 is a reasonable goal, but I have to start first and see how much is a reasonable goal.
    So, the goals are set. Now it's time to execute!

    Winter Sorrow

    Christmas and the weeks following are bad times for me. I have a hard time aligning the festivities and joy with my disgust for the frantic commercial greed. I also get very conflicted emotionally as I experience serenity as well as sadness over the people no longer alive.
    Christmas for me was one of the best times of the year when I was young. Sitting by the fireplace with my grandmother and just be close to my family was an amazing time. Then my grandmother got cancer and passed away. My father brought her home for Christmas and that was the last time I saw her. A fragile shell of her former self trying her very best to be brave and strong for one last Christmas.
    After that Christmas was never the same.
    Where Christmas once was a time of serenity and warm comfort it is today a reminder of what was lost. People I loved and that in many ways represent a wonderful childhood. My grandfather I never got to know as he passed away when I was only one. My grandmother, Moster Anna, Axel and Berta, even if she never joined us at Christmas she meant a lot for me.
    Then in 2011 my younger brother was found dead.
    The feeling of loosing my only sibling is hard and during a time when family and coming together that loss feels even harder than normal. Even if I am surrounded by family I still feel alone as I am the only one that can understand what loosing my brother means as a sibling. My parents have each other and I can still see the sting of loosing a child in their eyes even if they try to hide it. I am sure they can see my pain, no matter how I try to hide it as well.
    With the darkness outside matching the darkness inside it is fair to say that this is not my favorite time of the year. The lack of snow in later years only seem to amplify this sense of change and things coming to an end.
    Then the year end as all things do.
    As much as this time burden me emotionally it also act as a catalyst for something new. It act in many ways as a natural reset of my internal energy. It forces me to dive deep into the darkness so I can work through it and return stronger.  It works like a more intensive cleanse of what I normally do when my energy levels are low. By letting myself be embraced by the dark emotions I can work through them and find the light again. It is a process I have learned over the years, which works well for me.
    So as I lay here in bed and write this I feel the sensation of all colors being grayed out intensify. Sadness has a hold of my heart and I want nothing more than stay in bed forever. As my fingers type down my emotions and my mind process the feelings I feel inside this fades. In it's place I find a renewed energy and a spark of something else.
    A new beginning with endless possibilities.
    A new year, a new beginning with endless possibilities are before me. Where I felt nothing but loss and loneliness I am now reminded that my loved ones may be gone from this world, but they are all alive inside of me. I am the man I am because of them and I carry the memory of them in my heart always. I am also reminded that there are loved ones still alive all around me and the loneliness goes away.
    it is true what they say that sometimes it is only in the deepest darkness you can find that tiny sliver of light that you need to move forward to something great. For me I experience that every year around this time and as painful as it is I welcome it.
    As the sun sets outside and darkness falls on the world around me I no longer focus on that. I focus on the soft light flowing from every window in the buildings around me. I focus on the soft laughter coming from my sons room as he play with friends from all over the world and I focus on the soft sounds from my wife as she makes dinner for us.
    I no longer dread the sunset, I look forward to the next sunrise.
    Another year has passed and the winter will remain for a few more months.
    In my heart however, spring is already here.
    I hope it is in yours as well.

    Why adding a personal blog?

    I have been holding off on adding this blog because it will fragment the site. Despite knowing it will affect the site I still added it because I feel I need a personal space to write. It will also focus the articles section a bit more, which should make it a bit more attractive for guest bloggers.
    This space will be a bit different as it will be closed off only for logged in users. Later I might make it even more intimate, but for now it will be open for all members. I will not think so much about this blog as it will be for me to express and ventilate myself.
    With this new blog I will move some articles from the main articles section here. This to make things a bit more focused. It will screw up links and I will loose some Google juice, but that does not really matter so much to me. The most important reason for having this blog is to provide a space to express myself more openly.

    Planning for 2020

    2019 was not the best year for me, so I plan on making 2020 a far better  one. I will put renewed focus on training and food while refocusing this website a bit. The goal for 2020 is to not try to make things happen fast, but to be consistent. Here are my big plans for 2020 in no particular order.
    More consistent writing.
    The key to all great websites is consistency. As fun it is to play around with the possibilities using Invision Community I also need to be consistent about writing. That means that I need to plan and schedule my output so there will be content written every week. For this reason I am going to have a continuous writing series about how I design and use Jira and Confluence for managing this website.
    I want to try to have 15 or so articles each month published, which means around 2/week. With the wide areas I am covering on the website I do not think that will be any problem, but I will need to ensure it does not become a stress factor rather than something that add positive energy to me.
    In order to have a good stock of writing ideas I am going to start gathering websites with quality content. There are a few sites that are writing great articles in Swedish that I will contact and ensure they approve if I rewrite some of their articles here in English. These sites are under Licens CC-BY-4.0, which means that they already indicate that this is fine, but I still want to make sure. 
    On the topic of Creative Commons I consider adding all my content under CC as well. I think it's a fair and a good thing that others are allowed to build and improve upon my content. I will also add some features to better visualize the sources of my articles and link backs with credit in a more visible way.
    Guest Blogging
    There are many out there that would welcome a blog post or two so I will try to find some good places where I can write for others. I will also invite people to write on this site for the same reasons. It is a win-win situation for everyone as the writer get more visibility and the website get new good content. I already have some invites in that field and will extend the capabilities here on the site as well.
    One of the big benefits with Invision Community is it's great permission system that allow me to open up the site's capability with little risk of getting spammed. It also allow me to highlight people and their content in a great way. I hope I can get good feedback on how to allow others to promote themselves through guest blogging so i can evolve this in 2020.
    Adding a links section
    There are a ton of great websites out there with all kind of great content. I want to not just collect them for myself, but also share them with you. I will use the power of Invision Community to build this section, which will be pretty easy even if it probably will not have all the bells and whistles on day one.
    I aim to have one weekly highlight of links that i think people could find interesting. This could possibly also tie into a weekly or monthly newsletter...
    Newsletter is amazing for driving traffic, but it is also a lot of work. I want to try it, but we'll see how much energy it will consume compared to the result from it. 2020 will not be so much about gaining new members as it will be to create a stable platform with consistent content. As the site is pretty wide in content I will start wide and then divide as the content grow. That is if I decide to continue with newsletters in 2020 and beyond.
    As I have several colleagues and friends that write as well I hope I can add a spot for them to help promote their hard work as well.
    Old Content
    I have quite a bit of old content written in Swedish on my Wordpress platform that I want to port over to the new format using Invision Community. This is pretty easy to do, even if it is a bit time consuming. I aim to add 50 or so posts each month to my Swedish blog. I also plan on taking a few old blog posts and recycle by doing some rewrite and translating to English.
    Reworking the About Me section
    The About Me section is still pretty much a pile of rubble and I plan on changing that. I have several databases such as the Projects and Education databases that I will rework a bit. There will be a bit of focus on SHR where I will create a landing page with information and updates surrounding that since there are very little information about this online.
    I will add more information about myself and my background as people seem to find that interesting. For example I do write quite a bit about introvert vs extrovert and personality types, so I will have some information on my own personality as well.
    The Gallery will move to About Me as well and I will use that as more of a personal section. I have a ton of designs and photos that I will add there and with the recent change to the gallery it feels much better.
    Reorganize and build landing pages
    Right now things are a bit all over the place when it comes to content. I want to reorganize things and make sure the structure is consistent. I will divide the personal content from the professional a bit more and start adding focused landing pages. design wise I will make sure that the different sections have a uniform language across the different areas and if time permit i will try to work on a custom set of icons to match.
    Buying graphics
    I want to buy some additional graphics in 2020 to use in the landing pages. I have a pretty good stock already, but for the site I want to add some isometric graphics that I current don't have that many of. As always I buy my vector graphics from Shutterstock and I will probably buy another  750 package in 2020. Maybe even two if things goes as planned.
    For the blog posts I will use some of my stock art and also use the amazing site Pexels for free photographs.
    This is one area that I feel I need to put some effort into pretty soon. Reviews are very important and I need to get that aspect of the site into several databases. As this will use the database relationship feature in Invision Community it will be a fun project for sure. This way I can have reviews in one database and then bring it into other databases when needed. Due to the way database relations work I can even have different designs based on what database I bring it into.
    Movies and TV Series
    I love movies and tv series and I have played with the thought of adding a section for it on the site. This is however a specialized interest and I do not think I want to focus on this in 2020. If that changes I will add that to the About Me section most likely as a personal interest site.
    It would be pretty much the same setup as for other databases in Invision Community where I would add a database for the movies, one for TV shows and one for actors/actresses. I could add one for studios and directors and so on as well of course, but we'll see once I start tinkering with it.
    In theory it would be like a mix of IMDB and Trakt and I would need some custom development for lists. It is in the back of my mind, but for now I'll settle for a club for this.
    Fonts and downloads in general
    The downloads section have great potential and I have not really started to look at that yet.  I have a thought on adding a section for fonts, but the competition is pretty bad in that space. I did go to school with an amazing font designer that has already given permission to add his free fonts and I know some people that have amazing websites dedicated to fonts.
    So maybe it can be a slow process of building up a collection of quality fonts rather than trying to compete with the big font archives. This can be tied into the commerce function in Invision Community as well so I can offer a platform for selling fonts if anyone want that. I will also organize this downloads section a bit more to make it match the overall organization.
    Jobs and events
    Another potential area that I can build upon. It would be easy to add a jobs section by adding a new database and I could connect with sites that promote jobs already to build up the database. The same with events that I can easily add to the calendar feature, or build a new feature for using databases.
    The thing is just that it require a lot of work to do this and I would need to focus a lot of attention and energy to make this work. I am not sure that will be possible with all the other plans going on in 2020. I will add events that I feel is relevant and interesting, but that is pretty much all I will do in 2020 I think.
    For jobs I am just going to add a section in the forums for job searching and job advertising.
    Hosting and Domains
    As some of you might know I used to have a hosting business and I am still keeping track of the hosting industry. This is a pretty big area and it moves quite a bit, even if it is a bit slow and sometimes hard to wrap your head around. I have this thought in my head to add a section for hosting companies that goes way back to 2009.
    I will probably look at this and plan for it in 2020, but will wait until 2021 for actually building it. You can probably expect a few articles about it however in 2020.
    Atlassian will not go away anytime soon from this site. Besides the series on building a task management system for the site using Jira I will also build up common questions and of course provide news about Atlassian. During my time as Atlassian Group Leader I did get in touch with several companies that have services and apps for Atlassian products. I consider adding a few features around that network, but it all depends on how much time I have available.
    I will absolutely pick a few apps to follow and write about and it might turn into something more focused later on. I'll probably will pick up a certification or two as well in 2020 or 2021. I have planned for it before, but work came in the way and I am not really that impressed with certifications anyway since it's so easy for anyone to get without any real skill or knowledge (generally speaking, not Atlassian specifically).
    Methods and Processes
    This is a big part of my daily work so I will add a database with the most common methods and processes. There I will write about them and my view on how they work in reality as well as articles related to them. I have a colleague that is a master of these things so hopefully I can pick his brain on some of these. I will of course talk to other colleagues and friends as well on their experience and thoughts on the various methods and processes.
    Training and food
    A new section on my personal section will be dedicated to training and food. I have not been training for a long time now and it's time to get back into the gym and get that pump going again. My son is also eager to get his training going so we will join up and dedicate 2020 to learning more about our physical selves.
    I will go back to log my training at exercise.com again as i like the simplicity of the site. I will also use Runkeeper again after putting it on the back burner for a while.
    Food is an important part of actually getting into shape, so I will probably add a database for good food and some discussion areas for others to suggest food as well. There will be more focus on nutrition than calories probably, but we will see.
    This new section was added just recently and I got a real energy boost from it. Nothing make me feel as good as promoting amazing people and give them some positive reviews. This will be a big focus area for 2020 and I expect at least 100 new profiles to be added here in 2020.
    I have a ton of people lined up and waiting for me to add them to the database and I will reach out to more awesome people in 2020 to get their approval so I can add them to the site.
    Invision Community 4.5 and more
    Invision Community will release 4.5 sometime next year and with that comes some enhancements that will be nice. There are also a ton of great applications that I can add to extend functionalities if I want to do that. I already have things like classifieds and quizzes that I am playing around with, but there are many, many other features that can be of use in 2020 and beyond.
    2020 will be a great year
    As you can tell there is no shortage of plans for next year. Ever since I switched over to Invision Community I have seen an increase not just in my activities, but also an increase in traffic. Even without actually trying I have increased page views with a whooping 1400%, which is not saying much considering the low values before. I did however peak at 1399 views in one day, which to me is not half bad for a site like mine.
    Next year I hope to increase this a lot, but it will require me to continue being consistent with content and provide good content that people find interesting.  I will do my best to live up to that, but I will not stress out if the traffic does not improve. It's a marathon, not a sprint after all and I just started this new journey with Invision Community.

    2019 in retrospective

    2019 was not a very good year for me. It has been filled with stress and unexpected changes on all levels and I started to feel the signs of getting burned out. As a result I took some measures to counter that and it seems that this year will end on the positive side after all.
    I started my year at H&M, even though I did not think I should continue there. My work had been completed and it did not feel right to add another 6 months just to keep the work I was doing going. Working at H&M is good though and I got some new projects to manage, so I stayed on against my better judgement. This turned out to be a big mistake.
    The great atmosphere at H&M changed drastically and where there was a form of organized chaos before it now became just running blindly in all directions. Decisions was issued left and right with almost daily counter decisions from a management that never seemed to stop and process before taking decisions. Expert advice was dismissed and ignored pretty much everywhere and I started to feel the effect of the non-existing decision making process.
    I was just about to go talk to my manager and end my assignment when he called me and told me that my assignment was ending prematurely. It was a great feeling, but it did not last. Even letting me go turned out to be an exercise in frustration as the handover was changed multiple times with no communication or reason. It became so bad that I had to call in my boss because I was getting burned out from the constant changes and unreasonable demands from management.
    As I was let go other parts of the organization wanted my help to get their work processes in line with the bigger processes I had already designed. As they learned that i was getting burned out they reached out and asked how I was doing and if I was ok with continuing at H&M. This is so typical of H&M that no matter how chaotic and bad things are the people are just the best in the world.
    I ended up saying no to continue at H&M because I did not think it would be good for my health to stay. Not just for the crazy situation in management, that I am sure was just temporary, but also because of the effect the many renovations had on my SHR. it was a great time and I met some amazing people, but it was the right decision to move on I think.
    Checking my health
    I also started the year by doing a full physical checkup. I did a pretty extensive checkup and got a good result on pretty much all areas. Nothing strange with cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar or liver values and so on. My cardio was a bit poor however, which was to be expected as I spend almost 12 hours a day at work or in commute with little physical activity in my spare time.  So I went back to the gym at SATS Liljeholmen to work on that while I was working at H&M.
    I also did a test for SHR (Sensory HyperReaction) which confirmed that I do have SHR. It was a fun test where you inhale the active ingredient of Chili to see what your reaction is. Mine was not overly bad, but it was enough to put me out for a few days after the test. With this confirmed I invested in a breathing mask from Airinum that I use when in commute. This helps pretty good and you look like a ninja, which is always cool.
    My last check was dental and I fixed a chipped tooth and got my teeth cleaned up. As always it's a bit expensive and it hurt a bit, but it's all worth it and now I am back on track with dental as well. Next year I will focus on training and food.
    Switched back to Invision Community
    During the summer I took the decision to move from Wordpress to Invision Community. I had felt the need for something a bit more stable that I could build upon for some time and since I have been working with Invision Community since 2003 it felt like a natural step. Wordpress is nice, but it lack the structure and stability I want.
    The progress here on the site has been very much experimental this year, but I learned a few things here and there so now I can focus on building a bit more next year. I feel that I have more than enough at this point to build pretty much anything I want, so it's just a matter of deciding on what to build.
    Next year will be a bit more organized and I am going to use Jira and Confluence for many things. This will be a fun exercise to see how Jira and Confluence can be used in a bit different situation than just for software development.
    Returning to Elextrolux for a short assignment
    In the fall I took an assignment at Electrolux again, which took me to Moscow for a few days. This was amazing and I had a great time. Unfortunately the project itself was bit unclear and having two of the greatest architects I know on my team did not help when they were assigned only 75% in the project. This made time management much more stressful than it should have been and again I felt the sting of my time at H&M flare up again. Fortunately this project was short and I could hand it over in just a little over a month.
    Quit as Atlassian Group Leader
    As energy levels kept dropping I felt that the time and effort I put into organizing the Atlassian User Group only depleted me of energy even further. I was planning on handing over the group at the end of the year, but as the cost of Electrolux project was adding up I decided to quit right way. In doing so I had to cancel the last two events, which is regretful. I simply did not have the energy to actually pull those through without risking my own health.
    I will continue the work I have done to connect and discuss the Atlassian Suite here on the site. I do love discussing work processes and methodologies, especially in relation to Jira and Confluence. I also got some time with the Atlassian team to give feedback, which was nice. Hopefully I can plan some trips to Atlassian events in 2020 to meet more of the Atlassian team to discuss the future of their products.
    Changes at the company I work for
    Changes happen all the time and at the company I work for this has been very true this year. We changed name in the fall and we have seen some changes in management that I am not sure how I feel about yet. We have upgraded our offices and opened up a new office in Norway. Overall it feels like we are stepping up a bit as a company, which is amazing.
    Amazing Christmas break
    We have just returned from an amazing Christmas visit to my mother in law that gave much needed rest and refill of positive energy.  It's amazing what a house full of caring adults and toddlers can do for the spirit! My energy levels are renewed and as crappy as 2019 has been in many ways I look forward to 2020 and a new year filled with great things.

    Stepping down as Atlassian User Group Leader

    This week I officially announced that I step down as the Atlassian User Group leader for Stockholm. This is a position I have held for 2 years now and it has been fun, but also a bit stressful. With my recent dip in energy levels I felt that this was taking a bit to much of my energy. That is why I stepped down so I can focus on regaining energy and placing it where it makes most sense.
    I took the position because I wanted to see if it would be possible to build a community around Atlassian. I had never attended the events, but I liked the idea. There was a decent group already with 250 or so members and I also got a partner in crime from the start. As we started planning the events we noticed a trend. No matter what the topic we had 20-30 people signing up, but only half actually showed up.
    We also noticed that we almost always had the same people showing up and if we got someone new, they rarely showed up again. This was a bit troublesome, even if the core group that always showed up was amazing of course. Advertisement was hard as the mailing list only reached existing members. I tried to extend the capabilities by setting up a Slack channel and a Trello for event planning, but both failed. I even created a club on my own website, but that one failed as well.
    Chasing topics for events is hard and when @Jesper Högström needed a break to deal with life it became even harder. It took a lot of time organizing events and the reward for me personally was pretty low to be honest. I even got criticized for the events not being grand end epic as in the "old days", which was kind of demoralizing to be honest. I do work 60 hour weeks and time I can commit to these kind of activities is limited. I did my best, but eventually I felt that the time I put in was not enough and it just added stress to my already stressed life.
    So I decided to step down.
    I will continue working with Atlassian products of course. I am not tired of their products. I will probably continue doing some events around Atlassian products, both internally and externally. The difference is that it will be on my terms and it will be when my time and energy permits. I have some plans for this of course so be sure to check the site for more Atlassian stuff coming in 2020.
    So for now I say goodbye to Stockholm AUG and continue to enjoy my vacation.
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