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    “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

    ― Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles"

    Adding planning functionality using Stratagem from Coding Jungle

    I have looked at Stratagem for quite a while, but always been a bit turned off by the colors. As I plan for JWSE 2.0 I started using GitHub's Project feature, but it felt like I should stay on m own site instead. So I decided to try Stratagem out and I was not disappointed.
    Stratagem is pretty much everything I want from a planning tool, especially since it is tied into all other aspects of this site. Not only is it easy to setup project, but I can also add projects to clubs, which is pretty amazing to be honest.
    The initial setup was super easy, but there were a few things that I did not like that might be a bug. I did some easy styling changes with CSS and was pretty happy the way things looked pretty much right away. There are a few things I think can be improved, but I have added my suggestions to Michael over at Coding Jungle. I assume it will be a while though since he is probably busy making adjustments for Invision Community 4.5 coming soon.
    I am very happy with this purchase and I will put some time and effort into it to see if I can make suggestions on improvements using my knowledge of other planning tools like Jira and Trello.

    JWSE 2.0 - Planning for the second year with Invision Community

    It's almost a year now since I made the shift from Wordpress to Invision Community. It's almost time for a new version of Invision Community, which means that this is a good time to get started on the next iteration of JWSE.
    This past year has been a lot of ups and downs. I quit my work to go work for a new company, Corona hit the world and last year I got close to getting burned out from stress. It is safe to say that it was a bit messy.
    Going forward towards my 46th birthday in a few weeks and the second year of using Invision Community here on the site I feel confident that the next 12 months will be better.  So I do plan to make the upgrade to Invision Community 4.5 and also to make some adjustments here.
    I am going over all features and the databases I currently have. There are a bit to many of them right now and I need to figure out how to best use them. I have already decided to cut away some databases and I am going over the features/applications now to see what to keep and what to remove.
    While I expect the upgrade to be fairly straight forward, even if I have made some template changes that need to be recreated. The big change will probably be creating new templates for the Pages application. Right now things are a bit messy in there, but I will clean that up a bit and make sure there are clearly defined templates for the databases I decide to keep.
    It's not really something that will block JWSE 2.0, it's just a task that needs to be done...sometime.
    The template system for Pages is pretty straight forward and I just need to define how to use them properly here on the site. it all depend on what databases I want to keep and how I want them to look. With 3 basic templates where you have one for the listing, one for the category view and one for the actual content you have a pretty solid base to work from. Since you can mix and match these for any database I can build a nice matrix of styles that should fit most scenarios.
    I am currently using a paid addon for the Pages look and feel, even if I have hacked it up a bit. I want to get away from that and clean up the dependencies of 3rd party applications when possible. This is also why I want to build the new templates for JWSE 2.0.
    Writing is why I started this project all those years ago and I will of course continue writing. I do see quite a lot of people registering for downloading icons and things like that, which mean that I will add more of that in the next 12 months as well.  While this is still something of an ego site where I enjoy having a bit of fun, I think it's good to consider the benefit for the members, but also for guests. I have some thoughts about that going forward.
    I have had my first guest post and I get some mils here and there about partnerships already. I have a feeling this will pickup, but I need to get some information published on how people can contribute.
    Starting at the end of this month I will be at the breakpoint where I can start to measure things in Google Analytics. It will be a bit fun to have in some way correct data to measure against. I have not done anything to actually improve traffic this year and still I beat the previous 12 months by a mile.

    We'll see what the next 12 months will generate, but I feel it should be a good year to come.
    While JWSE 2.0 will be a fun time to build once again, there is things to do here on the site as well. I see some great strategies happening on youtube where short information snippets are published regularely so I will probably get back to that as well. It is better to make something happeing often than wait for something great to happen sometimes after all.
    So, I guess I better start working!

    Getting Destiny 2 Seals planned out - playing the long game.

    With things really slow at the moment I am looking into completing some destiny 2 Seals. There is two that I am pursuing and due to the nature of those seals it will be a long term effort. This is great for me who like slow, but steady, progress.
    The Reckoner Seal
    The first Seal is the Reckoner seal. This is Gambit grind deluxe and I have just done a ton of Reckoning to get the first part done. That is to get all the armor sets for Gambit prime. In total there are 5 armor pieces and four sets to collect. There are also 3 tiers and I had to get all of them, so that is 60 pieces of armor to grind out.
    Now I am down to the last bit of this grind which is a long one. I have to get a ton of matches won and grind out a pretty big chuck of game time for each of the four sets. So far things are going pretty good as I have started with the Sentry set that is not that bad. I switch to Reaper anytime a high-value target is announced and focus on the lock smith medals. So far things are going well.
    After Sentry I will move on to Collector, but I think I need some help with that as it is much easier if you have a team that you can coordinate with. Summoning 40 giant blockers means at least 20 games, but it is more likely going to be 40+ if I can't get a team to help out.
    Invader is probably the one I will struggle most with because I am no invader, but we'll see. There are not that many kills after all and slow and steady win the day. Last I will do the Reaper which feels like just a very long, but normal game play. I might go for a Titan with this one as it's very easy to get those kills with a shoulder charge titan.
    Overall I think this will take quite a while, but it is a nice thing to jump into when nothing else feel interesting. As a bonus I only have 2 more Army of One for the Gambit seal, so maybe I can get that one too.

    The Lore Seal
    The Lore Seal is pretty easy, but time consuming. That is because one of the lore entries are locked behind a 3 week cycle, which takes forever. I have completed 4 of the 10 lore books however, so the remaining ones are:
    The Drifter - Just need one triumph more and that is to steal 3 motes from the opposing team without dying. Just need to invade and steal them, which should be doable and might even happen naturally for just doing a ton of Gambit. Uldren Sov - I have 10 out of 20, so I just need to get those last 10 collectables. I'll just follow this video for that and it should be done in no time. Variks the loyal - I have 9 out of 13 for this. Need to grind out activities on the tangled shore when that is also the flashpoint. The Awoken of the Reef - I have 3 out of 23, so I will get the last 20 collectables. Again I'll follow this video to get the last of them. Ghost Stories - I have 1 out of 23, so I need the rest of them. Another video will be my guide for this. Truth to power - This is time gated and I have 3 of 11. That means that This part will take a whooping 24 weeks to complete as it will only be available during full curse week. So with a 24 week earliest completion time, this will be a slow one for sure. I will probably do the other ones this week of the next, but I am in no hurry for it.

    The other Seals
    While I have other seals I can also pursue, they all have various activities I do not feel like doing at the moment. These are all the seals at the moment.
    Conqueror - Just boring strikes that are unnecessarily hard. Flawless - Trials of Osiris based and I have never even played it. Almighty - Completed. Dawn - Completed. Undying - Completed. Garden of Salvation - Raids needed with challenges. Not a bad raid, but it takes time and coordination. Shadowkeep - Pit of Heresy solo + flawless and some other things.  Can probably look at this later as well as it is not to bad. MMXIX - Completed. A Shadow Rises - Need a lot of Raid activities for Crown of sorrows. I have never even finished that raid yet... Reckoner - Pursuing. Black Armory - Need raid challenges and a flawless raid run. Also need the shotgun and a ton of kills with in the forges. Destinations - Completed. Gambit - Just need 2 more army of one...and I suck at those. Crucible - Getting to 5500 glory is pretty difficult if you are not good at PVP. You need to do this 3 seasons in a row and I just don't want that stress. Lore - Pursuing As you can see Raid are the biggest obstacles for most seals and that is because Raids takes time and I have a hard time committing to it. We'll see how things look later on, but for now I feel I have enough to pursue in this area.

    Slow and steady wins the race

    Things have been a bit slow lately regarding the writings, but that is because I am focusing a lot of other things right now. It sometimes feel that nothing is happening here, but checking the stats I can see that things are a lot more interesting than expected. Slow and steady seems to be a good strategy after all.
    As I am preparing mentally for leaving Zington and move to something new, I do feel a bit "lazy" as there are not a whole lot of content added here lately. In fact just writing in general have been a bit slow lately. I did add a Classifieds section where I still need to add a ton of things, but overall the frequency of postings have been a bit low.
    Despite that I am still doing a lot better using the Invision Community CMS over Wordpress. I see so many topics around Wordpress and getting hacked or not getting any performance out of it. This makes me glad that I made the switch and with the new version coming out in a few months I am super excited about the future.

    If I felt that things where a bit slow, then all I have to do is check the stats and compare with last year. with almost 3200% increase in page views I would say things have been improving a bit. 20k page views in 4 months is pretty low though, but that comes from almost no content on a pretty new platform.
    Life may seem slow and uneventful sometimes, but there is always progress. You may not always see it right away though. Slow and steady win the race however, so just stay the course.
    It will all be worth it in the end.

    Slightly overloaded and a bit stressed out

    I have so many things I want to do here on the site, but I am procrastinating. In fact I am feeling quite overwhelmed at the moment due to the sheer number of uncertainty in my life at the moment. This is causing a bit of stress, which make the procrastination even worse.
    As you might know I have quit my job as consultant with Zington. This means that in a few months a new adventure is waiting, one way or the other. With the crazy world we live in right now it may not have been the best timing, but changes never comes without a cost. Until then I continue to work on my design assignment with ChessIT, which is high paced, yet so very satisfying.
    Leaving a job always comes with ton of things you need to do. Everything from off-boarding to financial agreements and transfer phone accounts and so on. Fortunately Zington is great and it is very much streamlined so not so much hassle as just another list of things that need to be done.
    A new season has started in Destiny 2 and I feel like I should play again. It takes longer than I would want to level up, but once that is done I do not know what to do next as nothing in this season feel important or engaging. I bought a new headset and a game pad since my keyboard is to wide and I wanted to try something new. So far it works well, but I am having a hard time committing to gaming at the moment.
    My computer setup also need an upgrade now that home work will be more of a thing for a few months at least. This means I have to make some investments into a new desk and a proper chair. This also add stress as I need to make sure I get a workstation that works for more than just a few hours of gaming now and again. The placement also is not ideal, so I am limited to a narrow space which make it hard to get a desk that can be raised with an engine.
    Here on the site I got a bit of a setback as I lost all images due to some mistake on behalf of my webhost. It zapped a bit of energy as it takes a while to recreate all images from scratch. It did come with a positive thing though as I now have all my files through Invision Community hosted on AWS. Of course I also have versioning activated in case something bad happen again.
    My old Wordpress site is bothering me a bit as well. I made the switch from Wordpress because I wanted to get away from the constant worry of having security issues since it's the worlds largest CMS. The fact that I still have it up bother me more than it should I will look into migrating all old posts so I can shut it down for good. This again require some time to focus as i will be messing with databases and that is never good if you get it wrong.
    I keep seeing so many amazing CSS and JS examples I want to dive into. I also get more and more involved in Sketch and I am itching to try out Figma. I spent quite a bit of time to prepare for the certification for SAfe, which I completed last weekend. I really wanted to commit to training, but now I am kind of stuck since the gym is closed and I have no desire to go and get Corona if I can avoid it.
    In short I am feeling like I am bombarded with things that need to be done and it's piling up a bit, causing stress. So I just have to deal with it like any time you get stuck procrastinating and that is to just focus on the shortest, most important task first. Get it done and then focus on the next one. This way I can release some dopamine in my body until the procrastination tun into activity again.
    Life is always in motion and sometimes you get a bit of motion sickness.
    That will pass though, so just lift you head and enjoy the ride the best you can.

    When you are having a blast enjoying life as it is

    In the midst of all the terrible events in the world with Corona virus and things like that I find myself really enjoying life as it is. I work in a project that is chaotic and time pressed, yet it is actually one of the more enjoyable projects I have had in a long time. I am having a blast.
    It is always fun when I take on a temporary assignment doing design again. These projects are usually smaller in both scale of delivery and the number of people involved. They are also usually more chaotic and most of the time subject to a bit optimistic time estimation.
    This might seem like they would be negative experiences, but they almost always come with a very positive attitude. In this project for example we often get compliments and positive feedback from the client. No matter how chaotic things might be everyone in the team get things working and help each other out. Never will you hear complaints or see anyone pointing fingers.
    If you never try to step down for a while and renew your energies, then you are surely missing out. Even now that I have quit my job and with the Corona virus running rampant I am still the most relaxed I have been in quite a while. I get to dig into Sketch deeper and building things with Angular Materials that people will use every day.
    What can be better than that?

    Training and some issues...

    Training is about to get a bit more serious now that I have committed to it fully. It is still a bit slow as I have not really found the flow yet due to some sickness (SHR) and starting a new assignment. Last Sunday I also managed to hurt my knee a bit so it's a bit limiting as well.
    I bought a gym card now and it's feeling good to go train actually. It's slowly getting less crowded, which is nice. My body is responding well to the training, so it's nice to feel the "pain" again. I still need some new shoes and headphones, but I can live without that for a while longer.
    The biggest issue right now that is limiting me a bit is that I need to experiment a bit more about when to train. Me and my son went to the gym on Saturday and we discovered that the gym closes at 18 on Saturdays. I have never even heard of a gym closing that early, but on the upside weekdays they stay open until 22.
    This week I was planning on going a few more times, but as I started a quite hectic project this week I was a bit brain overloaded to the point where I almost fell asleep on the bus home. I also felt an issue with my knee that is a bit wobbly and stiff. It's probably from me pushing squats a bit to early so I'll rest from that for a while.
    Other that that I need to get some cardio into the mix and be better with the core exercises.
    So far so good, but I need to get the routine going...

    The pieces are coming together

    Things have been a bit slow lately and that is because I have tried to find the ways to build things the way I want. With Invision Community things are not always easy to find the right information, but fortunately the community have some great helpers.
    The things that have caused some extra thought is how I want the headers on the pages to look and behave. Since the structure is different for pages, databases and applications this was very important to figure out. I now feel I have the solution at hand, so I can start building the headers.
    The second thing that has been a bit puzzling is how the database relationship field worked. I have managed to add template snippets in the basicrelationship template and it works fine in the database where I add the field. In the connected database however it does not use the basicrelationship template for some reason, but uses the database template instead. It's a bit weird, but now that I know, then I can work with it as I just need to figure out what database should use the field and which ones should use the database template for referals.
    The last thing is how to add tabs using the Invision Community code. It was easy setting up using Ajax for fetching pages, but inline content was a bit obscured. I got some help from the community and now that is also solved so I can build the section pages the way I want.
    There will be quite a bit of blocks to build, but I do not really see any impediments at the moment, so I can just start building things!

    Wolcen finally releases today

    Today we will finally see the release of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. It has been in early access on steam since 2016 and I bought the game 2 years ago. Since then the game has changed a lot and today we will get to play the game in it's release state.
    I very much look forward to try this as Diablo 3 is getting a bit boring after 20 seasons. I never really fell in love with Path of Exile so I have been missing this kind of game. I hope Wolcen can fill that gap and I really look forward to dig into the game today.
    I expect some bugs of course and a whole lot of tweaking in the coming months of course, as all new games go through. It should be fairly polished however as it has been given a lot of feedback for the last 4 years of development.

    Am I cought in my own mental trap?

    For the past couple of years I have not had the same joy in my heart as I have had before. I have not been unhappy in any way, but in my heart there has been a feeling that I have never had before. That feeling is that I have to protect my current level of income so I do not loose it.
    It is a silly notion as I am not depending on the level of income I have now, nor has it ever been the driving force of my life. The idea that my income would somehow affect the way I feel is something I have not even considered before. I find it a bit scary to realize that I considered having the income I have right now, as I am between assignment, as a cause for concern.
    It feels strangely liberating to realize that this is that feeling I have in my heart that has troubled me for a while now. Somehow I have trapped myself into a mental image of myself as successful because I have a good income. I have become so used to having a good income that the idea of having that income lowered was scaring me. For no good reason I might add as my financial situation have never been better.
    The concept of "reducing" myself, financially or work related, was strangely troubling for me for this reason. The simple truth is that my value as a person is not in the titles or the money I make. I am not the guy that should have the ceramic cup. I am the guy that get the Styrofoam cup. The one that help others to be seen, but who will always stand in the back and watch them step into the spotlight.
    Somewhere along the way I forgot this. I forgot to listen and let others shine and I forgot to give myself the permission to fail so I can learn. Most of all I forgot that I am a student, not the teacher.  That everyone I meet have a story that can tech me about myself. That my value is not defined by the trappings of wealth or titles.
    Now that I remember, I feel a great weight lifted from my heart.

    Building with Invision Community is satisfying - January reflections

    In the last month I have been working on this site to try to figure out how to build things properly.I have made some adjustments to colors, built a brand new header and finally got the graphics I need to get content flowing.  It has been some ups and some downs, but overall I feel pretty good about the way the site is coming together.
    Maybe the biggest change that happened in January was a shift in mindset. Going from always strive for perfection to good enough with the possibility to improve, really meant a lot.  The other thing that really made a huge difference is getting PhpStorm and starting to code for real. Sitting in a proper IDE and do code, there is no feeling like it and I really, really missed it.
    Getting a ton of graphics also did matter a lot. That is because now I have the graphics needed to build the page heroes so I can start to feel a bit productive again. It also give me a ton of new graphics to use for articles and blog posts and it inspire me quite a bit to be honest. Great artwork always have that effect and not that I have a whole lot of new vectors to play with I have so many options while still being able to keep the site consistent.
    January was also a shitty month when it comes to stress and that affected things quite a bit. A work related issue really frustrated me and cost a ton of energy. My son is also having issues with school and live in general which takes a lot of time and make me worry of course. Fortunately he is an amazing person and I am constantly amazed over how mature he is despite his situation. So I have mixed worry and stress with a sense of pride and amazement, which has not really done wonders for my state of mind in January. Still, it's being handled and I feel a whole less stressed these last few days.
    Using Jira for Backlog management
    In theory this works great, but in reality I have been to lazy to use it properly. In February I will take it a bit more serious and I aim to do one story from the Epic "JWSE Website" every weekend as a minimum. I am also going to start my blog series on how to use Jira for site management, so the workflows will be updated a bit with a proper workflow. My highest priority right now is to add a home navigation for areas that are "generic". This includes things like Policies like Privacy Policy and an About This Site page where you will learn more about this site. These are being created slowly.
    Adding content headers to all sections
    This is what I am currently working on. The problem I am trying to solve is to how I will get this consistent across the site. For pages it's easy. Just drop in a component in the widget area and you are done. For databases I have to split out the templates for each database. That way I can add a component in the front page only and keep the data entries without a component. I may also try to add a section for each category, but that require some additional work with some if queries so it's not really a priority.
    The biggest issue I have right now is the application specific sections. While each application have their index file it is already added to the content wrapper. This makes it impossible to break out to be a full width container. The option will be to add a bunch of targets in the templates or if I can add it to the blocks themselves. I am trying to figure this out, but it should be possible even if it may not be a super clean solution.
    The other issue is that I have the CSS added in a separate file and there is no good way to add that to the applications. I might just lift this into the overall CSS since it's not a whole lot of CSS and I will add it to pretty much all pages anyway. Another option is to include it inside the block itself, but I do not like the idea of inline CSS. We'll see how I figure it out in the end.
    Recreating the projects database
    The projects database is going to be a focus area in February. in January I started the remake by adding content that follow the same format as the CV's we have at Zington. So besides adding the content I will also add new banners for each project using the new standard where the site icon is colored based on the area it is connected to.
    I also started to add some people from the People database so as I recreate the projects I will also list the people I currently have added. The ones not yet added I will see if I can add to the database. Not everyone will be added of course, but a few selected ones would be nice.
    I also want to connect the databases a bit better. Right now I just pull in the author image using the standard Invision Community template for profile. This I want to change a bit so I can link to the page in Awesome People rather than the user profile for the site.
    So January was a bit of trial and error, but things are slowly improving. I just need to focus on building content and not to try to get people in here to interact. It is for me I build this after all and if someone else like it, then great. I will not stress about it however.
    Just have fun and always strive for progress and not perfection.
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