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  • 90 day challenge - the most insane one yet! | jimiwikman.se
    Jimi Wikman

    Jimi Wikman is the owner of this site and this is his personal blog. Jimi is an experienced IT consultant that enjoy movies, TV series, working out and playing games on his PC.

    Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

    90 day challenge - the most insane one yet!

    Posted , 419 views, 16 comments

    So today my son and I start a new challenge together. One hundred push-ups and one hundred squats every day is the goal for a total of 9000 push-ups and 9000 squats. This will hurt. A lot. My questions for you is this: are you in?

    A few years ago I did the 10k push up challenge so when my son wanted to work out more and my wife keep nagging how fat I am, I figured why not do something crazy? In these times going to the gym is not exactly safe, so this seemed to be a safe exercise that can also be fun to do together.

    We will not go crazy on this one, but we will do our best to hit the one hundred mark each day for both push-ups and squats. Our rules are also very simple: You can do as many or as few repetitions as you like and as many sets as you like. If you can only do 1 push-up, then do that a hundred times over the course of the day. If you can do 100, then do it once a day. Anyway you can get to one hundred is fine.

    The second thing we will focus on is quality over quantity. We don't want to hurt ourselves by doing sloppy reps, so if we fail to get to one hundred one day, but the reps are done with good form, then that is a win anyway. The aim is still to get to one hundred each day for 90 days. If I can, I will probably push another 10 days just to get the 10k. We'll see if we even get there though because this will hurt. A lot.

    So, are you in? 🙂

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    Day 1: Benjamin did 100/100. I did 45/100.

    Still battling a cold and my pecs completely shut down around 40. I did batches of 10 and Benjamin did batches of 20.


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