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  • Jimi Wikman
    Jimi Wikman

    Getting Destiny 2 Seals planned out - playing the long game.

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    With things really slow at the moment I am looking into completing some destiny 2 Seals. There is two that I am pursuing and due to the nature of those seals it will be a long term effort. This is great for me who like slow, but steady, progress.

    The Reckoner Seal

    The first Seal is the Reckoner seal. This is Gambit grind deluxe and I have just done a ton of Reckoning to get the first part done. That is to get all the armor sets for Gambit prime. In total there are 5 armor pieces and four sets to collect. There are also 3 tiers and I had to get all of them, so that is 60 pieces of armor to grind out.

    Now I am down to the last bit of this grind which is a long one. I have to get a ton of matches won and grind out a pretty big chuck of game time for each of the four sets. So far things are going pretty good as I have started with the Sentry set that is not that bad. I switch to Reaper anytime a high-value target is announced and focus on the lock smith medals. So far things are going well.

    After Sentry I will move on to Collector, but I think I need some help with that as it is much easier if you have a team that you can coordinate with. Summoning 40 giant blockers means at least 20 games, but it is more likely going to be 40+ if I can't get a team to help out.

    Invader is probably the one I will struggle most with because I am no invader, but we'll see. There are not that many kills after all and slow and steady win the day. Last I will do the Reaper which feels like just a very long, but normal game play. I might go for a Titan with this one as it's very easy to get those kills with a shoulder charge titan.

    Overall I think this will take quite a while, but it is a nice thing to jump into when nothing else feel interesting. As a bonus I only have 2 more Army of One for the Gambit seal, so maybe I can get that one too.

    Skärmklipp 2020-05-08 07.52.33.png


    The Lore Seal

    The Lore Seal is pretty easy, but time consuming. That is because one of the lore entries are locked behind a 3 week cycle, which takes forever. I have completed 4 of the 10 lore books however, so the remaining ones are:

    1. The Drifter - Just need one triumph more and that is to steal 3 motes from the opposing team without dying. Just need to invade and steal them, which should be doable and might even happen naturally for just doing a ton of Gambit.
    2. Uldren Sov - I have 10 out of 20, so I just need to get those last 10 collectables. I'll just follow this video for that and it should be done in no time.
    3. Variks the loyal - I have 9 out of 13 for this. Need to grind out activities on the tangled shore when that is also the flashpoint.
    4. The Awoken of the Reef - I have 3 out of 23, so I will get the last 20 collectables. Again I'll follow this video to get the last of them.
    5. Ghost Stories - I have 1 out of 23, so I need the rest of them. Another video will be my guide for this.
    6. Truth to power - This is time gated and I have 3 of 11. That means that This part will take a whooping 24 weeks to complete as it will only be available during full curse week.

    So with a 24 week earliest completion time, this will be a slow one for sure. I will probably do the other ones this week of the next, but I am in no hurry for it.

    Skärmklipp 2020-05-08 08.20.30.png


    The other Seals

    While I have other seals I can also pursue, they all have various activities I do not feel like doing at the moment. These are all the seals at the moment.

    1. Conqueror - Just boring strikes that are unnecessarily hard.
    2. Flawless - Trials of Osiris based and I have never even played it.
    3. Almighty - Completed.
    4. Dawn - Completed.
    5. Undying - Completed.
    6. Garden of Salvation - Raids needed with challenges. Not a bad raid, but it takes time and coordination.
    7. Shadowkeep - Pit of Heresy solo + flawless and some other things.  Can probably look at this later as well as it is not to bad.
    8. MMXIX - Completed.
    9. A Shadow Rises - Need a lot of Raid activities for Crown of sorrows. I have never even finished that raid yet...
    10. Reckoner - Pursuing.
    11. Black Armory - Need raid challenges and a flawless raid run. Also need the shotgun and a ton of kills with in the forges.
    12. Destinations - Completed.
    13. Gambit - Just need 2 more army of one...and I suck at those.
    14. Crucible - Getting to 5500 glory is pretty difficult if you are not good at PVP. You need to do this 3 seasons in a row and I just don't want that stress.
    15. Lore - Pursuing

    As you can see Raid are the biggest obstacles for most seals and that is because Raids takes time and I have a hard time committing to it. We'll see how things look later on, but for now I feel I have enough to pursue in this area.


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