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  • Jimi Wikman
    Jimi Wikman

    First ever Crown of Sorrows raid was a blast!


    Last night I participated in a clan organized raid for the Crown of Sorrows raid. Half the team had done it before and half had never done it, just like me. It was not the easiest thing to get through, but we eventually did it and could enjoy our first ever clear of this beast of an encounter.

    Let's just say that I am not much of a raider. I have done a few, but I am not very good at them and they are usually to complicated or stressful for me to really enjoy. That said we have the best clan members in the world with raid guides that are borderline gods. Period. This makes the raids not just possible to do, but they are actually fun to do with such a great team.


    The first encounter

    The first encounter was pretty straight forward and I teamed up with Fearoc to clear the left side. Poor LordVektor had some technical issues so he had to leave his spot. We did this encounter a few times before we got the hang of it, but of all the encounters this was not that hard. There are a few elements that can cause problems, but overall it's an easy encounter for sure.


    The Jumping puzzle

    Actually fell down in this part. Twice. Got a bit crowded on the pillars and I missed that the pillars collapse after a while. Still this was the easiest part of the raid. Just shoot the crystals and make sure you team up to have two people for the shielded ones with different buffs.


    Gahlran's Deception

    Now this was an annoying part with far to many complexities with rotating buffs and who has what buff when and so on. We did this several times, not because the encounter itself is hard, but because of the complexity and the confusion on what to do when. With some co-ordination this should not be an issue, but it was annoyingly confusing this time around.


    Defeating Gahlran

    The last encounter was the worst of them all I think. We did this so many times that I did not think we would ever make it. The mechanics are not that difficult as it's pretty much the same as the one before. Kill ads, switch buffs, punch the shielded deception and then shoot the glowing hands. Rinse and repeat and then kill the big boss. Easy, peasy...except it's not when you are already tired and stressed. In the end though we made it and could enjoy the spoils of war. I did not get the Tarrabah on my first run, which was probably a good thing since I would probably be kicked out of the clan if I had that much luck 😉


    This was an intense run that lasted for many hours. Stress was high, but despite what must have been a huge frustration for our guides gta85 and Vahlen they never complained. Not a single harsh word, nothing but encouragement and clarifications on how to do the encounters. Even us newbies held our mood up even when we failed miserably. It was nothing I would consider doing without such a great team.

    Overall this was a great experience, but I'll wait a while before I do it again I think 🙂

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    The Image is taken in game.

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