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Sentinelle ( 2021 )

Not Rated 03/05/2021 Thriller, Action and Drama 1hr 20min

Transferred home after a traumatizing combat mission, a highly trained French soldier uses her lethal skills to hunt down the man who hurt her sister.


27 %

A movie with identity crisis.

The movie starts with a tragic event and we see Olga Kurylenko, as the main lead, return to France where she tries to deal with her PTSD. She is transferred to the Sentinelle program, which is more of an afterthought and have no bearing on the movie really.

As her sister, played by Marilyn Lima, is raped and beaten the movie goes into a slow version of a revenge movie and it ends with some form of transformation to a Bourne movie. It is weird.

There is no real plot, just incoherent attempts at multiple things at once and not managing any of them. We never get into the horrors of PTSD or the struggle with substance abuse. We never get emotionally invested in the pain of a loved one suffering a rape and because of that we do not "feel" the revenge as being important. The pace is slow and a bit confusing at times.

Overall I think this could have been a good movie, but the story just touched the different themes a bit to shallow and without the pace it needed. Instead of focusing on making things connect and make an emotional impact they seemed to have thrown in a few misplaced scenes of nudity for no apparent reason.

This is not a very good movie, sadly.


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