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    My Book - Working For Real

    For many years I have written down my thoughts on work processes and what I see is working and what is not working. These scribbles got stuck in the tool I used, and it became less used over time. Now I am putting my scribbles out in the open and will write a book publicly! Hopefully this will useful, but I also hope that you will challenge my thoughts and help me improve the content in this book. I need a kick in the butt to keep the momentum going, so please comment or ask me to focus on a specific area to keep me inspired and on my toes.
      1. Prologue

        This chapter is where I present the background for the book and give some starting points before the reader dives into the content.
      2. The Tools

        This chapter describe the different tools that you are most likely goimg to work with and how to use them properly.
      3. The Inception Phase

        A broad phase that I will probably will need to break down further later on. This chapter is all about the business side of things. This includes ideation, portfolio management and everything else that happens before the requirements phase.
      4. The Design Phase

        The Design Phase is usually a separate process since it can exist both in the Inception phase to generate ideas and in the requirement phase to provide design requirements for implementation.
      5. The Requirement Phase

        One of the most overlooked phases in the chain and probably the most important ona as well. In this chapter we go over what requirements are and how to best work with them in IT Development.
      6. The Development Phase

        Building things is not just writing code. There are many aspects involved regardless if you work the rontend or the backend. This chapter is all about the development and how to get through the day without loosing your mind.
      7. The Test Phase

        Verifying that the solution have the correct quality and that the requirements have been fulfilled is just the tip of the iceberg. This chapter is all about the many aspects of quality work that comes from test.
      8. The Operations Phase

        This chapter is where we look at deployments and releases, but we also dive into the network and infrastructures of the Operations daily work.
      9. The Post Go-Live Phase

        The work is not over after the code is released and this chapter is all about the work that is done after launch. This includes support, changes and Incidents.
      10. Notes

        This is where I keep my notes about this book.
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