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    7 years of experience in IT infrastructure and Development Operations Presently Working as “Devops Engineer” at H&M AB Ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and tools Design, Implementation and Administration of DevOps Pipeline with Complete CI\CD\CM Experience with systems and IT operations with strong focus on business outcomes Design, Implementation and Administration of Splunk Enterprise 6.x Configuring and Running Docker. Administration of Splunk indexers, Search heads and Forwarders for various business division Complete life cycle management of Linux & Windows servers (Provisioning, Patching, channel management and decommissioning) Experience in Configuration Management/Application Deployments /orchestration using Ansible and Octopus deploy. Experience in Cloud Administration Onsite Coordination with Offshore Delivery Operations
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    I am a very driven developer with a wide spectrum of knowledge and I like to take part in the whole process of the product. Great knowledge in NodeJS, Express, GIT, Jade/Pug, Sass/CSS, MySQL, XML, CSS, HTML, jQuery, xAuth, Facebook, Twitter, routing, prototyping just to mention a few Specialties: NodeJS, Express, PM2, Routing, Plugins, NPM, Bower, mySQL, XML, HTML, SASS/CSS, JS/ES2016, Gulp, Vagrant etc, please ask me for more details if you're interested
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    When working at H&M as the Jira expert I issued Certificates of Excellence to the Gods of Jira team. This one was issued to Bharath Kumar Dhanasekaran for his outstanding work as a Jira expert. "For performing above and beyond Awarded for working in a professional way with exceptional dedication that has been above and beyond just being service minded. It is also awarded for a positive attitude that is appreciated by co-workers and clients alike. Finally it is awarded for being passionate and being active in learning new things in Jira."
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    Bharath is a Software developer with strong communication and organizational skills. Having professional experience in the field of Software Engineering both as a Developer and as an Automation Tester. Bharath is a versatile Software Engineer possessing strong motivational drive to succeed in the industry. • Experience of 6 years in Java Application Development and Automation and Manual Testing • Expertise in Object Oriented Analysis and Design and Object Oriented Programming • Extensive knowledge in Core java and Design methodologies. • Good exposure to Web Application Development • Experience in Waterfall, Release Management and Agile Methodologies (Scrum, Kanban & TDD) • Experience on Automation testing for Web based application using Selenium WebDriver , Cucumber and TestNG • Have worked on Jenkins, Team City, Bit Bucket and GitHub Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment Tools. • Have worked on Jira and Version One Agile Tools (Scrum) • Highly Process Oriented and disciplined in following a structured methodology for processes followed in an organization • Dynamic team player with remarkable interpersonal skills • Good Analytical skills to understand complex requirements
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