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  1. Nothing make my skin crawl as deceit and greed and Disney is pretty good at that. Their release of Disney plus in Sweden probably takes the cake however and I instantly cancelled my subscription when I realised that they are drip feeding old content, just to make me stay as a paying customer longer. As Disney plus finally arrived in Sweden I was happy to jump in to enjoy the Mandalorian and season 7 of the Clone Wars. I paid for the monthly subscription because like many other services they don't have enough content for me to remain a constant subscriber. Instead I cycle the services to g
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  2. I am down with yet another cold. I have been sick on and off for almost five weeks now and it is getting a bit tiersome to say the least. This during a period where finding a new assignment is crucial is far from optimal if I put it like that. I also just upgraded this site and I have things to do, but not the energy to do get it done. For weeks now I have had headche, low fever, coughing and a very soar throat. I do not sleep well and had to take some nose spray for about a week just to be able to sleep. I thought things was getting better last week, but then it hit me again so I had to
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