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  1. On July 23 Diablo 3 kicked off season 24 and as usual I have dropped in and have some fun. I am having some extra fun this season since the theme forces me to play a bit differently since I have to play all 7 classes. I am also waiting for the release of Diablo 2 remastered that come sin September. It is a game I spent a ton of time with back in the days, and I look forward to reliving those moments a bit again this fall. At this point, I am almost done with the season, having all the ethereals unlocked and just missing one conquest to have the seasonal journey unlocked. I went for a demon hunter as usual and focused on the GOD build that is superfast. This has allowed me to pretty much done everything I need to do and after failing the 350 kills (I got 332) after searching for the cursed chest for an hour I decided to skip that mindless conquest and do the years of war conquest instead. This conquest will of course take much longer since I need to complete 6 greater rifts with 6 different sets. Taking this decision also means I will have spent more time playing the game, while having fun, rather than just sniping maps for hours. I consider that a win. So right now I am building up my Monk as I want to try the Innas new play style. This will make it fairly easy to do GR 55 with my five favorite builds: Demon hunter GOD, Demon hunter multishot, Demon hunter Sentries, Monk Explosive light and the new Inna build. That leaves one more build to complete, and I probably will go for a Whirlwind barb there. Just to see what the new transmogs that you get for preordering Diablo 2 resurrected look like. It feels good to have fun again playing, but I do miss having a game I can enjoy now that I have decided never to play Destiny again. While Diablo will manage that itch for a while, I do need a new game to be my mental distraction. I have not seen any on the horizon, so I guess we will see what the future brings. For now, I am just enjoying going back to hell
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