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  1. Yesterday I got some deliveries from Amazon with the latest upgrades for my home office. It was not a lot of things, but it made a big impact. Two new screen raises, a monitor arm with laptop tray and a little foot-pillow really made a big difference. Not only that, but it was also very cheap for the improved experience. The main screen raise is a three part black wood version and it was pretty easy to put together. It also fit very well on the desk and since it is adjustable in width, I can play around with it to see what width I like. The monitor arm on the other hand had more parts than a small car, and I needed less than a third of it. I still have the option to add a second arm if I like, but I don't have any plans for it at the moment. The idea behind the laptop on the side is that I will use that for presentations and streaming. I do have an extra camera as well, but it looks a bit nicer when I can look into the camera while I also show things, as opposed to showing the side of my head, or top of it as my main monitor is so huge. I can easily switch the settings on my keyboard to work on either computer, and I am getting an apple trackpad to use as a secondary mouse for the mac. I will of course also use it for design work on the PC when needed. The second screen raise was pretty much just the tray and four legs. I assembled it in 30 seconds or so, and I use it to get my PC off the ground a bit. It is a bit short, but I managed to get the feet of the PC on the edge on each side, so it works pretty well. The foot-pillow was surprisingly good and I feel the effect right away. With this second upgrade, I now feel very good about my setup. Next step will be to get the walnut desk top from Ikea. I am not sure if I will get the second desk top for building my own screen raise just yet. The reason for that is that this screen raise actually worked very well and since it is black it will still work well even on a walnut desk. There is also a pretty big cost involved. I do feel I need some LED to illuminate the back of the desk a bit so I can see a bit better what I have below the screen now. I also spent some time yesterday looking at something to add to the wall behind the screen. It will probably be some form of canvas or MDF, so I just need to find the right motif that fit not just my home office, but also the bedroom where the home office is located. So, step 3 will be the new walnut desk top and then during the fall I will add some items from Grovemade as step 4. So far so good.
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  2. With the upgrade of the site to 4.6 I noticed some areas where things broke a bit. Nothing major, but it will add up eventually and I do have a planned clean up set anyway, so I will do a bit of reconstruction, or rebuilding. As things have progressed, I have felt that the CSS is getting bloated, so I feel like correcting that while at the same time try some new things. As part of the rebuild, I will make some adjustments to the structure of things, like making sure that all databases have unique templates and that CSS is loaded only when a certain component or section is called. For example, I plan on adding section specific CSS only when that section is loaded by using template conditions. Same thing with components, where I will include the CSS needed in the component itself rather than using the global one. I will start listing the different main classes for Invision Community as well so I can use it in different overrides, but also to reuse in certain aspects of the design. For example, I am toying with the idea of having different theme colors based on the section, so I could quickly make a change to these colors by making an override file that only show on certain sections. I am looking into the possibility to add a dark theme switch to the site as well. Not because I think it will be necessary, but mostly because it is something that looks fun and it can be a good learning experience. When it comes to adding things, I am going to remove some things as well. It will be some plugins that I am not really using at the moment, like the Quiz, the Links and the Books sections. I will start with the framework of the site, where I will look into the possibility to move the header and footer to their own templates and then build the basics for the global variables. I will of course make these changes to the beta site first, where I will also take advantage of the Designers' mode since it will allow me to work faster. So, there is some work to be done!
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  3. Now that I have received the first vaccination for COVID, time is absolutely here to start working out again. While I am hardly immune in any way, I have a slightly better protection against severe illness. This is good enough under the circumstances I think. I really, really need to lose weight and get more activity, so I'll risk it. I have always been a gym-rat, loving the pain of pushing and pulling hard cold metal so I will go back to that. While hard exercise will have positive effects on the body it will not really be what I need initially. So rather than focusing on that I will focus on reducing weight. I also need to get those lungs back in shape again, not just to increase oxygen to the body, but also because that will help me with SHR as well. This means more walks and more cardio at the gym. It's not what I love the most, but it has to be done. Once body fat is down a bit I can focus a bit more on adding muscle mass again, but for the first 6 months or so it will just be to reduce the body fat and trim the muscles again. One of the really big advantages with working from home is that I can work out in the morning again. I love that, but it has always been a bit difficult when you have to commute 75 minutes every morning and every afternoon. Those 150 minutes really drain the amount of time you have available during the day. I could still manage that when we lived in Märsta as there was a 24/7 gym available so I could work out at 4.30 in the morning. That is not really possible here, so working out at 6.30 when gyms open here is not possible with 75 minutes commute and you start at 8 in the morning. When you don't need to commute however 6.30 works fine. I can take a 5k walk in the morning to get to the gym at 6.30, then work out for an hour before I head home. Get a quick shower and something to eat and then start working at 8.15 or so. That sounds great to be honest. When things get back to more normal and working from home may not be as easy as it is now I have the options of another gym that is much smaller, but opens at 5 in the morning. There is also the option of attending a gym close to the client, like I did when I worked at H&M. It requires that I bring extra clothes, which I prefer not to do, but if it's the option available I'll take it. The direction is set, the mind has been adjusted for uncomfortable pain. Now all I have to do, is to see it through.
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  4. Spring is here and with that comes some good things and some bad things. On the upside I am doing quite a lot of overtime lately, but in a very good way that is well worth the time spent for my well-being. I am also slowly getting back into a creative mode and it feels amazing. So, lets start with spring and the feeling of daylight returning that invigorate the soul. It has been some amazing days lately with lots of sun mixed with some rainy days that also have their positive effect on me. The combination have had a bit of a downside as well as the trees have really gone bananas releasing a lot of pollen. While I am not allergic, I have SHR and that makes it almost as bad. Unlike people with allergies or asthma, there are nothing that will take the edge off for someone with SHR. So it has been a bit annoying at times when breathing was a bit difficult, my eyes swollen and all my joints aching. Everything itches and I feel hot without having a fever. In short, it is not the best feeling in the world and it drains energy for sure. In the greater scope of things however it's nothing compared to the suffering we still have around the world. So I'll complain a bit and sleeping is a bit tricky, but I'll live. On the upside I have a second project on top of my 100% at Martin & Servera where I am helping ChessIT writing up a design guide for the design work I have done over the last year or so for them. I am doing this on weekends and evenings, which is usually a bad idea, but in this case it is doing wonders for my energy levels. It is really satisfying to be able to do design again and document it in a design guide type of way. It has inspired me to do more design as well, so this weekend I have created the new rank icons that will be added when Invision Community will release their 4.6 release that should come sometime before the summer I think. They turned out pretty good and just for good measure I have decided to top that with writing the guide for setting up the Task Manager using InDesign. It has been a while since I last used InDesign, but it is as fun as always! Life is (mostly) good and I expect that I should be able to get the first vaccination in a few weeks for COVID-19. Hopefully that allows me to go back to the gym again soon. I really, really need that... Other than that I am doing design sketches for the fence we are building around the porch and in about a month I will buy that new wooden desk top so I can pimp my desk a bit this summer. Life is good.
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