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  • Flexbox

    Jimi Wikman


    While we've used flexbox in some places in previous versions, 4.5 makes much wider use of it and also introduces a new family of classes. If you aren't familiar with flexbox, I highly recommend this CSSTricks article for a primer on it. Essentially, instead of positioning elements using floats/clears/etc., flexbox treats the container as a flexible box with properties for controlling how elements inside of it as laid out.

    4.5 has a number of new classes that are essentially just convenience for the usual CSS rules.

    • ipsFlex (sets element to display: flex)
    • ipsFlex-ai:start, ipsFlex-ai:center, ipsFlex-ai:end, ipsFlex-ai:stretch (ai - values for align-items property)
    • ipsFlex-as:start, ipsFlex-as:center, ipsFlex-as:end, ipsFlex-as:stretch (as - values for align-self property)
    • ipsFlex-jc:start, ipsFlex-jc:center, ipsFlex-jc:end, ipsFlex-jc:around, ipsFlex-jc:between (jc - values for justify-content property)
    • ipsFlex-fd:column, ipsFlex-fd:row, ipsFlex-fd:column-reverse, ipsFlex-fd:row-reverse (fd - values for flex-direction property)
    • ipsFlex-fw:wrap, ipsFlex-fw:nowrap, ipsFlex-fw:wrap-reverse (fw - values for flex-wrap property)
    • ipsFlex-flex:10 - sets flex-grow: 1 and flex-shrink: 0
    • ipsFlex-flex:11 - sets flex-grow: 1 and flex-shrink: 1
    • ipsFlex-flex:01 - sets flex-grow: 0 and flex-shrink: 1
    • ipsFlex-flex:00 - sets flex-grow: 0 and flex-shrink: 0


    All of these classes have md and sm prefixed versions too, and this opens up the possibility of having different layouts on different device sizes in a way that's much easier than the hoops you'd have to jump through before. For example, to create some elements that show as a row on desktop but collapse to a column on mobile, you'd just apply ipsFlex ipsFlex-fd:row sm:ipsFlex-fd:column. The sm:ipsFlex-fd:column class overrules the ipsFlex-fd:row class on mobile, adjusting the layout. (Note: flex-direction: row is the CSS default direction anyway, so you can actually leave out ipsFlex-fd:row - it's implicit. I included it in the example for clarity.)


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