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    IPS Datalist

    Jimi Wikman


    The data list CSS module allows us to display complex lists, while rearranging the display in situations that demand it, such as on small devices.



    A data list consists of a wrapper and individual list items, which can contain various types of data. In most cases, a data list would use one of the HTML list elements (such as ul or ol) for semantic purposes, though this isn't necessarily required.


    <ol class='ipsDataList' itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/ItemList">
    	<meta itemprop="itemListOrder" content="Descending">
    	<li class='ipsDataItem ipsDataItem_unread' itemprop="itemListElement">
    	<li class='ipsDataItem' itemprop="itemListElement">
    	<li class='ipsDataItem' itemprop="itemListElement">

    The root element should be given the classname ipsDataList. Individual list items receive the classname ipsDataItem. To indicate unread status within a row, add the class ipsDataItem_unread to the list item. The other elements in the row may style differently in 'unread' rows to indicate that status.

    Within the ipsDataItem, multiple other elements can exist which (at desktop resolution) represent cells of data. On smaller devices, these elements reflow to give a more suitable layout. These elements are outlined below. An example of a data list row showing many of these options is shown here:


    • ipsDataList
    • ipsDataList_zebra
    • ipsDataList_reducedSpacing
    • ipsDataItem
    • ipsDataItem_main
    • ipsDataItem_stats
    • ipsDataItem_lastPoster
    • ipsDataItem_modCheck
    • ipsDataItem_unread
    • ipsDataItem_generic
    • ipsDataItem_icon
    • ipsDataItem_size1 - 50px
    • ipsDataItem_size2 - 75px
    • ipsDataItem_size3 - 100px
    • ipsDataItem_size4 - 125px
    • ipsDataItem_size5 - 150px
    • ipsDataItem_size6 - 175px
    • ipsDataItem_size7 - 200px
    • ipsDataItem_size8 - 225px
    • ipsDataItem_size9 - 250px
    • ipsDataItem_new - New items
    • ipsDataItem_warning - Items showing a warning state
    • ipsDataItem_error  - Items with an error
    • ipsDataItem_info - An informational state



    <div class='ipsDataItem_main'>
    	<h4 class='ipsDataItem_title'><a href='#'>Item title</a></h4>
    	<p class='ipsDataItem_meta'>
    		By testadmin, yesterday, 2:21pm


    <ul class='<strong>ipsDataItem_subList</strong> ipsList_inline'>
    	<li><a href='#'>Sub-item 1</a></li>
    	<li class='ipsDataItem_unread'><a href='#'>Sub-item 2</a></li>


    Full example

    <ol class='ipsDataList'>
    	<li class='ipsDataItem ipsClearfix ipsDataItem_unread'>
    		<div class='ipsDataItem_main'>
    			<h4 class='ipsDataItem_title'><a href='#'>Pre-sales questions</a></h4>
    			<p class='ipsDataItem_meta'>
    				Question before you purchase? Post here and get help from both IPS and from other clients. You can also email sales@invisionpower.com for assistance.
    			<ul class='ipsDataItem_subList ipsList_inline'>
    				<li><a href='#'>Company Feedback</a></li>
    				<li class='ipsDataItem_unread'><a href='#'>General Suite Feedback</a></li>
    		<dl class='ipsDataItem_stats ipsDataItem_statsLarge'>
    			<dt class='ipsDataItem_stats_number'>18,852</dt>
    			<dd class='ipsDataItem_stats_type ipsType_light'>Posts</dd>
    		<ul class='ipsDataItem_lastPoster ipsDataItem_withPhoto'>
    			<li><a href='#' class='ipsUserPhoto ipsUserPhoto_mini ipsPos_left'><img src='image.jpg' alt=''></a></li>
    			<li><a href='#'>BBCode’s description variable</a></li>
    			<li>By <a href='#'>admin</a></li>
    			<li><time class='ipsType_light' data-short='1 dy'>Yesterday</time></li>
    		<div class='ipsDataItem_modCheck'>
    			<input type='checkbox' checked>


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    • Invision Community Playbook

      This is an extension of the detailed information over at Invision Community.


      Description The data list CSS module allows us to display complex lists, while rearranging the display in situations that demand it, such as on small devices. Usage A data list consists of a wrapper...


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