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Jimi Wikman

System design blog post

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    • By + Axel Lundström
      Axel, with a keen interest in retail and e-commerce, have many years of experience in the area, both through his own entrepreneurship and through consultative role for major organizations in Sweden and internationally.
      Axel is distinguished by both his efforts to achieve results and his genuine interest in seeing the project flourish, which is achieved through open and clear communication between the business side, the technology side, the user side and the client.
      Axel is currently focusing on his own e-commerce The Care Box.
    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      Diablo 4 was announced at Blizzcon last November and today we are talking about all the loot info that we have on Diablo IV. There's a ton of info that came from the reveal, and more recently blog posts, so this video is a tad longer than usual, but this is everything we know about the loot in Diablo 4, let me know if I missed anything! All this info is from the MANY gameplay impressions, blog posts on the official Blizzard blogs, and media coverage of Diablo 4.
    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      The first Diablo 4 quarterly developer update is live! UI, controller support, new enemies, and more!
    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      Diablo IV has many returning characters, but will Bartuc the Warlord of Blood return, too?
    • By ©Jimi Wikman
      Diablo 4 dev blog post on itemization. New systems, new affixes, ancient items gone.
      Post link:
      System Design in Diablo IV (Part II)
      US.DIABLO3.COM System Design in Diablo IV (Part II) - Diablo III  
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