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[Article] Darkness is all around us and still we value money more than life.

Jimi Wikman

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Again and again we see the darkness around us as yet another bright soul leave this earth all to soon. We see the anger and the frustration grow around the globe. We see the silent bright lights get crushed by the ever growing coldness fed by greed and envy. Still we do nothing.

In this time and age where information flow and we should be more enlightened than any generation before we still value greed over humanity. I watch in despair as the younger generations struggle to find their place in a world where the cold cynical reality clashes with their idealistic desire to make the world a better place.

I see the silent and introvert get crushed by the extrovert corporate machines who cares little about anything but the profit margin in the latest quarterly reports. I see the sparkling creativity that tingle in the eyes of our artists fade and get replaced by the sickening glow of the almighty dollar as they compromise their art for survival.

I see people still go to a workplace that they hate. To spend the majority of their day in mind numbing labor they hate. Only to put food on the table for a family they barely know due to long working hours and even longer commute.

I see children screaming out their pain over an existence that they do not understand or want to be a part of. I see men and women choosing to end it all because the world around make no sense. I see darkness, death and misery broadcasted on every channel until I feel like I am drowning in it.

I am strong. I have been dancing in darkness my whole life. I have been bullied, I have been poor and not known if I would be able to pay my bills or put food on the table. I have tested the limits of my body and broken down on the edge of what my body can handle. I have been mentally exhausted and felt the pain of barely function as a human being.

I have done all that and it have made me strong. I am confident in my abilities and limitations. I do not fear what I do not understand and I do not shy away from doing what I must to keep my energy from fading. When darkness comes my way it does not come as a surprise and it rarely stay for long.

Despite this inner strength I still find myself in despair. Not for myself, but for those that do not have the strength to endure the cold and cynical world we live in where money matters more than life. Those that stumble and fall, often to never get up again.

People I care about that are treated like objects and not the amazing human beings that they are. People that once had eyes sparkling with love and an inner blaze of creative fire. People that now sit silently at their desk with dark and empty eyes doing things that they hate.

People are suffering and dying because we consider saving them being to costly. In the wealthiest countries in the world we can not afford mental healthcare to save peoples lives. In the wealthiest cities in the world we can not afford to help those that fall through the cracks and end up on the street.

A voice in my head tell me that I can do nothing about this as I am just one voice. I disagree because as long as I have a voice I would waste it if I did not use it. So I will not be silent.

Every day I will do my best to lift up those around me. I will see them for who they are and what they can become. I will encourage them to become better and to see how great they really are. I will give to those that are in need without judgement when I can. I will offer my own time and energy to help others when I can without asking for anything in return.

I will strive to learn everyday to know new cultures so I better can understand the people and the world around me. I will offer a shoulder to lean on when the day is feeling heavy. I will listen when those around me need to lighten their burden.

Most importantly I will never be silent.

I will share my own experiences and tell others that it's ok to say no when you risk lowering your energy levels to much. I will show others that being introvert is not something to be ashamed of as almost all people on this earth have some introvert inside them. I will talk about my darkest moments like when my younger brother died or loosing my grandmother to cancer.

I will talk about being bullied and the feeling of shame when you leave the party early because you are exhausted mentally. I will talk about the sense of feeling completely worthless when you need to beg for money to pay your rent and put food on your table. I will talk about this and much more because there are people out there that think that they are alone in these feelings.

You are not alone as darkness comes to us all. If you look at me today I am successful. I have a great job that I love. I am confident, easy to talk to and some people see me as a leader. This was not always the case and my journey has been long and bumpy.

In your darkest moment when you feel like you just want to the pain of living to fade away I want to say to you that I know what you are feeling. I also know that no matter how bad things are everyone can live a happy life. It might seem impossible for you, but the first step is to talk about it. Find someone to talk to because your life matters. It matters to me.

Darkness is all around us in this cold and cynical world based on greed and selfishness. Each of us still can shine however and if you have read this very long article all the way here you are either one of those shining lights or you are trapped in darkness.

Regardless of what is true for you, please don't be silent.

The world need your voice.

And your light.

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