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Jimi Wikman

if you have never done a raid in destiny 2 before, would you give it a go if doing just the first encounter?

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I know a lot of people do not raid.
I barely raid myself, but I have given it a go a few times and it's fun, but also pretty intense.

From my own perspective I see that time and effort is not really in line with the rewards as it takes quite a lot of time and energy doing raids when you are inexperienced.

Most raids have an increased complexity so the first encounters are easier and then it becomes more difficult when you get to the boss fights. It is not uncommon to have guided games taking hours and hours, which is both frustrating and demoralizing when you see people speedrun in 20 minutes or so...

So I wonder what those of you that have never raided would think of doing just one or possibly 2 encounters in a raid? It should be a quick experience of maybe 20 minutes to an hour depending on how things go and if you want to do one or two encounters.

Of course you should have someone to guide you through these encounters as well, but you would need less coaching due to the lower complexity

So if you knew that you would just do one or two encounters, would you consider trying out the raid experience and get some raid loot finally?

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