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The 5 point setup for requirements

Jimi Wikman

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Skärmavbild 2019-10-15 kl. 07.59.23.png

I am working on this model and so far it is a bit generic, but look something like this:

  1. Ideas are added into a business Jira. This can be directly or through ServiceDesk.
  2. Ideas are processed and ideas worth pursuing generate one or more business needs in the same Jira.
  3. Business needs are documented in the Business Confluence for documentation.
  4. Business Need is processed and broken down into requirement areas. Once approved it generate one or more requirements in the requirement Jira.
  5. Requirements are processed and generate one or more user stories.
  6. Requirements that are approved are added into the System Confluence.
  7. User stories are created in the Development Jira as work orders.
  8. User stories are broken down into development tasks by the development team using development sub-tasks.


I know that it is a bit generic as there are many areas on the business side as well as on the development side. It should still work as a model though?

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