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Jimi Wikman

From the blog: Building again and changing hosting company

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Every summer, almost, it is time for reflection and build something new. This year is no exception, but it is a little bigger change that I look at. At the same time, I have changed the web host because I had some worries at Oderland that I try to figure out.

By a small coincidence when I still switched web hosting, I stopped in the Invision Community again. I tried it a year ago on my .com site, but felt that it didn't really get as I wanted. When I looked at it, it felt really good, maybe because I didn't try as much as I did last time. It was also the reason why I decreased the ambition here on the site after I pulled away a little.

Now there is a lot left to do, but so far it feels good. The functions are quite ok already directly out of the box, although it should be configured a bit. I have built a beginning of a project portfolio and a new blog. It is very basic so far, but I think it is good.


The biggest challenge now is to think about whether I want to drive in English or Swedish in the future. I made a choice long ago to drive in Swedish, but in an increasingly international situation, I am thinking of returning to my previous English concept. In such a transition, this blog will be a little outside, but I can live with that.

We'll see where I end up with my decision, but I miss the Invision Community and it's a lot that I can do with IC that I feel that WordPress lacks ...

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