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JWSEA 2024 discussion thread

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As it is easy to get lost when building a website by taking on to much, this is a discussion thread on what to actually build and why.

The focus on this site will be two-fold: Personal and Professional.

The Personal

This section will be pretty much the same with my personal blogs, my gallery and the about me section. Projects and my awesome people will be on the backburner is it is not a priority.

  • About Me
  • My Blog
  • My Swedish Blog
  • My Gallery


The professional aspect of the site is also divided into two sections: Information and community. The information aspect will be focused on three areas: News, Articles and Videos. The Community area will be focusing on the Forum and events with Clubs and Blogs as extras if anyone want to use them.

Things like Companies, Products and apps will be in step two as they are not as important at the moment. I will just have them for connecting purposes with a standard setup.


  • News
  • Articles
  • Videos


  • Forum
  • Events
  • Clubs
  • Blogs


That is it for now.

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