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Jimi Wikman

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    • By Jimi Wikman
      One of the more difficult parts of building this site is to figure out how to present myself. As a person that have many areas of expertise it is a bit difficult to present myself in a particular role. Due to this I will try to make a slightly different presentation of myself here by adding a database of professional roles as well as separate sections about me.
      The Roles part is a way for me, not just to present myself in my different roles, but also what skills I have in each role, what my take on the role is and how I work with other roles. In short each role will be like a mini CV of sorts. Of course I will also link to projects I have done in that capacity.
      Things like labels connected to that role so you can find other topics to explore will be there of course. Skills, education and products I work with will all bin those roles. Articles I have written about that particular role will probably be added as well and so on. Each role should be pretty much a good presentation of me in that capacity.
      My education will be just a long lost of education I have participated in. My Swedish blog is just a re-posting on my old Swedish site, which is thousands of posts that will slowly be added to the site. I will add a section about my passion for helping others through my own network. This I will tie into the events calendar and the sections for announcing jobs and finding jobs.
      It will be a bit different than I think most people present themselves, but I think it can be fun to try!
    • By Jimi Wikman
      I have been holding off on adding this blog because it will fragment the site. Despite knowing it will affect the site I still added it because I feel I need a personal space to write. It will also focus the articles section a bit more, which should make it a bit more attractive for guest bloggers.
      This space will be a bit different as it will be closed off only for logged in users. Later I might make it even more intimate, but for now it will be open for all members. I will not think so much about this blog as it will be for me to express and ventilate myself.
      With this new blog I will move some articles from the main articles section here. This to make things a bit more focused. It will screw up links and I will loose some Google juice, but that does not really matter so much to me. The most important reason for having this blog is to provide a space to express myself more openly.
    • By Jimi Wikman
      Structure. Guidance. Organization. These are words that echo in my mind right now. In 2019 I played around a lot with the site and now I feel that I need a bit of consistency as things can get out of hand if not structured. This goes for tools as well where I feel things are in need of a cleanup.
      The first thing I really need is to organize my Dropbox. It is a mess right now and it makes things harder to find AND since I do not really know where to place things it just keep getting messier. If I am going to buy more graphics, then I also need a way to keep it organized. This is on the top of my agenda.
      Once I have my files in order I need to start organizing my Sketch files. Again things are a bit all over the place and I really need to get things organized. This also ties into my design guide since it is tied to the Sketch files. I really need to put time aside for working more with Sketch as I feel I am not doing that enough lately.
      One area where things are getting a bit messy is for assets. Things like Icons are scattered a bit all over the place and I really want to make sure things are organized and structured. I need to define a structure, not just for graphics, but for things like tags and titles as well so it looks and sound the same.
      As I build components and edit CSS files this too is getting a bit messy. I have done most coding directly into InvisionCommunity, but I should start using the designers mode more together with PHPStorm so I can get a nice structure of the code again. Speaking of PHPStorm I should really start writing more about IDE's I think.
      With things running ok on the site now I feel I want to make some changes to the layout. This is mostly cosmetic things that just annoy me and is easy to fix. For example I see that font-size is a bit large in the blog listings and the item prefix is messing up the headlines for no reason. I also need to add a wrapper around the follow and like functions as they are conflicting with the notes feature causing an overlap.
      I am building up a backlog in Jira where I will start creating the new website management design. This will also be a featured series on the site where I will show how to build a setup that works for design, code and article management. Right now I have a basic setup and it still works very well for me as a single user. We'll see how that can work later on when I bring in some more people hopefully.
      I start to see that adding content to the site is not at all as difficult as I thought. I keep finding tons of things to write about so it's more of finding the time rather than the topics. I have some regular posts that will be weekly, like the Atlassian Cloud release update and I probably can add a weekly profile as well. I hope this feeling will continue throughout the year.
      Overall I feel very good about this site today and it's fun to work with.
    • By Jimi Wikman
      Last night, as my cats would not let me sleep, I pushed out the new design here on the website. That means that it took less than 48 hours from starting the design in Sketch until it was designed and built. This gave me some good ideas on how to proceed and of course I also broke the SEO badly by changing the URL structure.
      The new design is mostly made up of 2 things: The new header and the hero banner block. The new header was easier than expected, even if the instructions for the navigation sub-menu's was a bit misleading. I went with a less cluttered look and more focus on my content areas, which I have to actually create in order for the design to be complete.
      I changed the global template a lot and one of the main things I changed was to break out one of the widget areas so it became full width.  This is something I have looked at for a while, but it was actually a lot easier than expected. By making this change I can have full width content so I can choose the layout I want. By adding custom blocks I can now create puzzle pieces that can do pretty much anything I want.
      Next up will be to build the footer, which will be a simple 5 column footer with some CSS styling (using transform). I also need to design the section pages and decide what content you should find there. It's a total of 9 (plus 2) pages for now and then I need to design and build the pages for Guest Blogging, Awesome People instructions and a page about all the features of this site. I also need to update the different databases and clean up the CMS structure so it's easier to work with.
      So far I absolutely love to work on this and it felt so good working with PHPStorm again after so long.

    • By Jimi Wikman
      With the new designs I am using isometric design elements so I will need to make an investment and buy some graphics I think.
      I usually go with Shutterstock and considering the pricing I'll probably buy another 750 images package (400 SEK more than the 350 package).  Considering my current collection hold 74 images I need to spend some time adding more images so I can download them once I buy the monthly package 🙂

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