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Critical Security Patch in Git and GitKraken

Jimi Wikman

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On 12-10-2019, Git released patch v2.24.1 to address several common vulnerabilities and exposures, or CVE. For those unfamiliar with what CVE is, it is a dictionary that provides definitions for publicly disclosed cybersecurity vulnerabilities and exposures.

GitKraken utilizes libgit2 for handling its Git operations, but that does not mean it is immune to these vulnerabilities. Fortunately, the libgit2 team has merged in a fix for these new vulnerabilities which are included in GitKraken v6.4.0 and later.

For users who only use GitKraken, please be sure to always update GitKraken to the latest available version whether that is through our updater or our downloads page. We actively monitor security channels and want to ensure our users are not prone to these vulnerabilities and exposures. 

For any users who utilize Git for the CLI, Git Hooks, or Git LFS, it is advisable to also make sure your current version of Git is v2.24.1 or later. You can download the latest version of Git here.

Upgrade to GitKraken v6.4.0 (or later) to protect against serious Git security vulnerabilities.

Time to update if you have not already.

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