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    Atlassian Atlas

    Jimi Wikman

    Introducing Atlas

    Atlas enables every team to openly communicate and get context about their work – the key to achieving alignment and empowering them with autonomy to fuel great outcomes.

    “What are we doing and why?”

    Achieving alignment starts with a shared understanding of what you’re doing and why. Atlas gives every project a “homepage,” giving instant context to anyone who needs it.

    From here, anyone can get a deep understanding of what the project entails and what success looks like. Project and goal homepages can be enriched with Smart Links, which allow embedded previews of documents from popular work management tools, including Loom, Google Docs, Figma, and Confluence.

    Give teams purpose

    It’s incredibly motivating to understand how your work is contributing to a greater goal. Every project in Atlas can be connected to a goal, giving your teams purpose by connecting their work to outcomes.

    Goals are great for leaders that need a 10,000-foot view of how their teams are tracking against outcomes versus getting into the details of individual projects owned by their teams. Everyone can stay connected and informed through the lens that’s most relevant for them, without any duplication of work.

    Connect where work is actually happening

    Atlas aligns teams with a common vocabulary on how to talk about work and provides visibility into how that work connects to shared outcomes. With alignment, teams are empowered to do their work in the apps that let them thrive. Smart Links surface that work, whether it’s in Trello, Jira Software, Google Workplace, or Asana – whatever works best for the team.

    Smart Links also make it possible to add live previews and updates on projects and goals to any Confluence page, Jira issue, or Trello board. Just paste a link to any project, goal, or #tag in Atlas to display it as a live link, card, or embed.

    “How’s it going?”

    We all know them, we all hate them: the dreaded status meeting. “Is it my turn yet?” “Is anyone even listening to me?” “Are my updates even useful?” “Everyone seems to be ‘multi-tasking.” It doesn’t need to be this way.

    No more “Why am I even here?”

    Atlas can eliminate the need to meet live because it’s completely asynchronous. You can write and read updates when it works best for you. Every week for projects and every month for goals, owners are reminded to post their updates.

    Every Monday, you’ll see a personalized digest of updates on the projects and goals you’ve chosen to follow, so you get all the signal and none of the noise.

    No more “Is anyone listening to me?”

    Atlas limits status updates to 280 characters, encouraging owners to be better communicators by helping them focus on providing just enough context to be useful – like learning how to craft that perfect tweet. Teams can also embed videos, images, and gifs to create a useful, engaging update.

    More efficient ways to stay in the know

    In addition to your Atlas feed, at the start of every week, you’ll get a personalized digest delivered directly to email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams.

    You can even connect projects and goals to specific channels in Slack to ensure that every stakeholder is aware of updates as they happen.

    With updates that are meaningful – and ones that followers will actually engage with – Atlas will drive alignment across teams at your company in no time.

    • Atlassian

      A brief history
      Armed with a credit card and a dream, two college friends, Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar set out to create Atlassian. In 2002, they didn't know what kind of company Atlassian was going to be, but they knew exactly what it shouldn't be—an environment where they had to conform rather than be who they authentically are.
      Now, over 15 years later, our team has grown to over 3,000 Atlassians worldwide with offices around the globe. But it didn't happen overnight.
      Values to live by
      Our unique values describe, at the most fundamental level, what we stand for. These five values shape our culture, influence who we are, what we do, and even who we hire. They're hard-wired into our DNA and will stay the same as we continue to grow.
      We ❤️ teams
      Over 150,000+ customers use Atlassian to empower their teams and drive their missions forward.
      We take 'Don't #@!% the Customer' seriously because our customers are the reason why we do what we do. It's even why we price our products, so every company can afford them. They inspire us, challenge us, and in turn, help us build better products.
      Working open
      We believe all teams have the potential to do amazing things when work is open.
      Much of the world works, often unwittingly, in a closed way. Information is hidden or lost, bonds between teams and teammates are weak, and perspectives are withheld. The result? People burn out. Knowledge is wasted. Potential is left on the table. Forward progress is halted. This is why Open matters. This is why we do what we do at Atlassian.
      Open work has always been central to our values. It's in the DNA of our products and we bring it to life through our practices. But it doesn't just happen. Our teams make an effort to work, communicate, and collaborate openly every day to lead by example.
      Open unlocks new opportunities. Open brings us together. Open unleashes potential.

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