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About This Club

A club for the upcoming Diablo 4.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. System Design in Diablo IV (Part I) US.DIABLO3.COM System Design in Diablo IV (Part I) - Diablo III
  3. No trading house, but three levels: Free to trade as much as you like. Can trade once. Can never trade (soul bound type?). I guess the question is where that distinction is made, but also if loot is individual or shared in playing groups?
  4. I am thinking we will get some form of archer and a paladin. Do you have other predictions?
  5. Never been much of a fan of PVP in Diablo, so do we really need this and if so how would it work?
  6. The concept of dungeon keys seem a bit weird to me... Each dungeon key is like a player controlled modifier set that I can apply to a specific dungeon? What is the benefit for me as a player and how is that tied to the key? The power level of the key compared to the modifiers?

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