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  1. What's new in this club
  2. GO BUY THIS NOW! 1000 Kills - Shotgun Telemetry MADE EASY! Heavy Handed, Dawn Mod, Lock & Load, Unlimited Shotgun Ammo, Triple Shotgun Build! The Lie, Secret Quest & More!
  3. Destiny 2: Strongest Warlock Build of All Time |V2| - Meteor Shower - Weapons/Armor/Subclass/Exotics
  4. Hi! I'm Danielle! I like sci-fi/fantasy books and movies, I am really proud of how high I can kick and my E-40 impression, and I have a very broad sense of humor, which means I laugh at most everything. Guffaw is one of my favorite words. I travel a lot, for business and pleasure. I started streaming April 2018 as a challenge to myself - I have terrible stage fright and being in front of the camera was daunting. I can't believe it's been over a year now. I LOVE streaming, especially the community and new friends part. Logo & branding done by GetRekt Labs Emotes done by AustenMarie
  5. his is the story of the Exotic Weapon that only one player owns in the world! This is a story full of community, friendship, love, overcoming, and adversity. This is a story about the Destiny Community and the Fate of All Fools! An exotic weapon that was supposed to come out in the future, but after hearing BKBunny's story on reddit about her husband Erics Brain surgeries, Deej and the rest of Bungie sent Eric his very own weapon! This weapon would later evolve into two different paths, the Jade Rabbit and the No Time to Explain. They would honor the weapon Eric received with the perk of the Jade Rabbit with the name "The Fate of All Fools" This is a perfect story about the exotic weapon that only one player owns in Destiny.
  6. This one need some extra work I think...
  7. Jimi Wikman

    Destiny 2 Icons

    Just some fun icons that you can use in your Discord or forum.
  8. TIMESTAMPS Basic Mobility/Exotics - 1:00 Changing Jump Height - 4:45 Best Jump - 6:19 Roof Boosting - 10:41 Best Dodge - 12:04 Dodge Basics - 13:32 Dodge Turning - 14:15 How/Why to Use Dodge - 16:12 Using Dodge to Break Tracking - 20:58 Supers - 22:38
  9. TIMESTAMPS: Intro - 0:46 Exotic options - 1:36 Barrier slides - 4:38 Jumps - 5:37 Titan skating - 10:04 Sword flying - 11:26 Shoulder charge - 14:02 Super specific tips - 19:48
  10. TIMESTAMPS: General mobility info - 0:38 Glide basics - 3:00 Rift movement - 7:13 Skating - 8:40 Sword skating - 12:49 Worldline launches - 14:23 Grenade floating - 15:03 Icarus Dodge - 17:02 Blink - 20:25 Dawnblade - 24:02 Stormcaller - 28:53 Nova Warp/Bomb - 30:33
  11. ULTIMATE DPS SWORD in Destiny 2! Best Sword You're NOT Using in Season of the Worthy - MUST HAVE! How To Get, STRYKER'S SURE-HAND, Ada Weapon Frame, How To Get, High DPS & More!
  12. Top tree Arc strider Assassins Cowl helmet Tyrants Surge Mod on legs (arc) Sheltering Energy Mod on Arms (arc) Modular Lightning on Cloak (arc) Thunder Coil on Cloak (arc) Global Reach on Chest (arc)
  13. Some builds are lethal, other builds keep you alive. This one, this one combines both of those things. Oh and it's a Hunter Build so yeah..
  14. With this build you can literally have your super within seconds! Its pretty crazy how fast you can gain super from this build!
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