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  2. Complete Guide for the new Deep Stone Crypt Raid in Destiny 2: Beyond Light! Time Stamps: 00:00 - Beginning Sparrow Encounter (Survive the Cold) 03:06 - Disable Crypt Security 09:50 - ATRAKS-1, Fallen Exo 23:39 - Secret Raid Chest Location 24:50 - Prevent Europa's Destruction (Taniks, Reborn) 31:50 - TANIKS, The Abomination (Final Raid Boss)
  3. Hey Guardians! Here is a quick and easy guide on how to obtain the new Lament Exotic chainsaw sword in Destiny 2 Beyond Light! Intro: 0:00 Step 1: Find the Exo Bodies 0:24 Step 2: Find the Giant Exo Head 1:16 Step 3: Sword Kills 1:48 Step 4: Exo Challenge 2:24 Step 5: Vex Finishers 2:51 Step 6: Glassway Hydra 3:14 Step 7: Speak To Banshee 3:31 Step 8: Eventide Lost Sector 3:39 Step 9: Reforging The Past Mission 4:12
  4. Guide for how to get the new Precious Scars Exotic Titan Helmet in Destiny 2: Beyond Light! AND a quick Review of how this new exotic works in PvP & PvE!
  5. How to Get Stasis Aspect "Iceflare Bolts" 5 Entropic Shards Locations [Destiny 2 Beyond Light]
  6. Complete Guide for the new "The Stasis Prototype" Exotic Quest in Destiny 2: Beyond Light! This is how to get the new Salvation's Grip Exotic Stasis Grenade Launcher!
  7. This just show how bad the PVP situation is in Destiny 2....
  8. In todays destiny 2 video i have another charged with light warlock build. this one involves the energy converter season of arrivals mod. You can pair this with the skull of dire ahamkara for some good super regeneration. #destiny2 #seasonofarrivals
  9. Showcasing a new Rocket Launcher Build in Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals! This turns an often neglected Gun-Type into absolute god-tier weapons of destruction in PvE!
  10. Hey Guys, this video shows all Savathun's Eye Locations in Destiny 2, all 50 are required as part of the "Arrivals" seal. Each eye destroyed awards Altered Element. 0:00 IO 2:35 Mars 5:16 Mercury 8:49 Titan 11:27 Whisper Mission 13:10 Prophecy Dungeon 14:10 Eververse 23rd June 14:28 Eververse 30th June 14:47 Eververse 7th July Final 4 Eyes in the Prophecy Dungeon. Eye 2 (Wasteland, behind Infinite Forest gate buried in corner): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachment... - Credit /u/dumgold Reddit Eye 3 (On ceiling after box encounter): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachment... - credit /u/dumgold Reddit Eye 4 (At the end of sparrow rainbow road section, drop down hole by last cube): https://imgur.com/a/NbRldRe#prZ8fIZ - credit /u/Stalionsss - Reddit Eye 5 (Hidden in nook above final boss encounter after the third damage phase): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachment... - credit /u/dumgold Reddit
  11. Quick & Easy Prophecy Dungeon Guide! Tips & Tricks [Destiny 2] Fast Prophecy Dungeon Boss Strategy
  12. Complete Guide & Walk-though of the new Prophecy Dungeon, just added to Destiny 2 with Season of Arrivals! Earn Exclusive Pinnacle Gear! TIME STAMPS: 00:00 - Intro 01:01 - Beginning Encounter (Entrance) 03:49 - Phalanx Echo 06:31 - Wasteland 08:03 - Cube Encounter 11:40 - Wasteland 2 12:15 - Singularity 13:25 - Kell Echo (Final Boss)
  13. Destiny 2: Strongest Titan Build of All Time |V2| - The Tyrant - SIVA/Weapons/Armor/Subclass/Exotics 0:10 - Build Overview 0:31 - Weapon Requirements 1:06 - Armor/Mod Requirements 1:56 - Stats 2:00 - Subclass 2:14 - Primary Offensive Combo 3:20 - INCREDIBLE Mod Combo 4:56 - Ideal Combo In action 5:10 - ORB GENERATOR 5:27 - Unlimited Shotgun Ammo 6:25 - INVINCIBLE 7:10 - Outbreak Perfection 7:36 - Outbreak ultimate combo 8:10 - Wendigo 8:45 - Syntho Super Combo! 9:01 - Enhanced Impact Induction 9:15 - Closing Thoughts 10:16 - Raw Gameplay
  14. GO BUY THIS NOW! 1000 Kills - Shotgun Telemetry MADE EASY! Heavy Handed, Dawn Mod, Lock & Load, Unlimited Shotgun Ammo, Triple Shotgun Build! The Lie, Secret Quest & More!
  15. Destiny 2: Strongest Warlock Build of All Time |V2| - Meteor Shower - Weapons/Armor/Subclass/Exotics
  16. his is the story of the Exotic Weapon that only one player owns in the world! This is a story full of community, friendship, love, overcoming, and adversity. This is a story about the Destiny Community and the Fate of All Fools! An exotic weapon that was supposed to come out in the future, but after hearing BKBunny's story on reddit about her husband Erics Brain surgeries, Deej and the rest of Bungie sent Eric his very own weapon! This weapon would later evolve into two different paths, the Jade Rabbit and the No Time to Explain. They would honor the weapon Eric received with the perk of the Jade Rabbit with the name "The Fate of All Fools" This is a perfect story about the exotic weapon that only one player owns in Destiny.
  17. This one need some extra work I think...
  18. Jimi Wikman

    Destiny 2 Icons

    Just some fun icons that you can use in your Discord or forum.

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