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About This Club

A club for those of us that like Outriders
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Fastest Way To Increase Challenge Tier In Outriders How to Reach Level 50
  3. This is the latest update to my #Technomancer DPS #build in #Outriders. Enjoy! Main changes: - Switched from Snipers to Assault - Switched from Fixing Wave to Blighted Turret - Class tree nodes adjusted - Major gear update & should have all the best DPS mods Intro 0:00 Class Tree 0:20 Final Class Tree 2:51 Skills 3:03 Mods 4:03 Ideal Gear Stats 6:30 Weapon 6:46 Character Stats 7:41 Math 8:00 Gameplay 8:42
  4. We finally have our final endgame weapon based Pyromancer build! This build will allow you to wreck Challenge Tier 15 solo or in coop. Never run out of Volcanic Rounds and shred elites into ashes. Hope you all enjoy this updated build video! Make sure to leave a like and subscribe!
  5. Timestamps Intro: 00:00 Bounty Skull Enemies: 00:28 Fastest Farm In Outriders: 1:36 Guaranteed Hunts Legendaries: 03:01 Don't Forget World Tier Rewards: 04:51 Guaranteed Legendary Desolate Fort Mission: 05:15 Forgotten Chapel Secret Mission: 06:42 Outriders Legacy Free Legendary 09:26 Outro 11:43
  6. Outriders looks to be the next big looter-shooter, and there are a lot of people excited about it's release. Today, Codiak takes a look at the game's armor system, and dives into various pieces of legendary gear for the four classes and breaks down their effects and modifications. No matter what you choose to play, Pyromancer, Trickster, Devastator, or Technomancer armor will play a major part in your Outriders experience, so make sure you know exactly what you're getting yourself into before the game's official launch on April 1st.
  7. Outriders features 4 incredible classes, each infused with anomaly energy to give them incredible powers. In this video we showcase the Devastator, a big and beefy tank designed for the frontlines that taps in earthly powers to sunder foes and devastate enemies.
  8. In the Outriders demo, legendaries have a low drop chance, but there are tons of them to potentially obtain. Today we take a look at Torment & Agony, a pair of legendary pistols that contains the Tier 3 Judgement Enforcer mod! If you are looking for a solid sidearm or this mod in particular, this is the weapon you are looking for!
  9. In the Outriders demo, legendaries have a low drop chance, but there are tons of them to potentially obtain. Today we take a look at Grim Marrow, a legendary light machine gun that you've seen the boss Gauss carry in the fight, and it contains the Tier 3 Singularity mod! The mod however seems to be bugged, but it could potentially be a great LMG.

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