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About This Club

This is my area where I ponder on how to build this site.

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  2. Jimi Wikman


    This is a gallery of thoughts and ideas that may or may not end up on the site.
  3. While IPS may not support FA5 yet there are ways to allow for this. It requires a minor edit to the custom.css and including the FA5 code in your global template. What you need to add to your custom.css: .fa { font-family: "FontAwesome" !important; } With this and including the FA import code FA5 codes will work as well as all FA4 icons currently included on IPS.
  4. Sorry, you do not have permission for that! INVISIONCOMMUNITY.COM
  5. For now the data I am adding to the database is: Image Name Position Company About Me Interview Personality Type Homepage Linkedin Twitter Skill 1 Skill 1 rating Skill 2 Skill 2 rating Skill 3 Skill 3 rating Skill 4 Skill 4 rating Skill 5 Skill 5 rating Education Anything I have missed?
  6. The people's section is something I have wanted to do for a long time. My thoughts on building that is to promote people and to connect them to this site. It is a lot of fun to meet people and to showcase the amazing people that exist out there. It is also a good way for me to display my network and improve on it in a natural way. The key is to make sure that being listed here is meaningful for the people. So I want to make sure that I have links to webpages, contact information if desired and a way to showcase if you are looking for work or not. I will add interview questions to add some extra something and of course my personal recommendation. I feel that this is something I want to expand on slowly to add more value over time. It will start similar to my profiles I created earlier as blog posts, but then add new features to it to make it more valuable. I will also allow people to add themselves to this section if they want. This way I can allow people to add themselves and help grow that section.
  7. As you can have multiple instances of IPS using one database as the master it could be that I want to break out some dedicated areas as separate entities. Using the same design would be easy as I can just use the same skin. Using the same database for login means that I can grow both areas as one, but still maintain custom setups for each. I am considering this for a movies database for example. Kind of a clone of IMDB, only better.
  8. The footer currently is quite weak so a new footer should be added. I have added a new Pinterest mood board for JWSE just to add some ideas and thoughts https://www.pinterest.se/jimiwikman/jwse-mood-board/
  9. With the new designs I am using isometric design elements so I will need to make an investment and buy some graphics I think. I usually go with Shutterstock and considering the pricing I'll probably buy another 750 images package (400 SEK more than the 350 package). Considering my current collection hold 74 images I need to spend some time adding more images so I can download them once I buy the monthly package
  10. I had this a while back and it was pretty neat. Question is if I should add it here again as I am kind of backed up with all the database designs now. Maybe I should just wait with that and focus on getting those databases that I already have up and running?
  11. I am going to create new reactions so this is a list of what reactions I want to create: Like Love Thanks Laughing Interesting Confused Sad Dislike
  12. This will be a really big change Install a new wordpress installation under a subfolder called "old" using the current wordpress database. Move the IPS installation from /gemenskap/ to root
  13. In order to fully replace the old site I need to build a new startpage. I need to add jimiwikman.com so both domains work for the site. Then I need to reconfigure URL's and other things...
  14. Building relations between databases is done using the database relation field and then: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/452972-pages-template-for-database-relationship-field/
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