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About This Club

This is my area where I ponder on how to build this site.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. With the base design for the page listings I can now easily change the style by just changing the CSS attached to the page. This is because the standard layout was built using flex so it can fit pretty much anyway I want them. So far I have added the following Layouts: Default view Big Image on Top 2 column listing 3 column listing 2 column with first entry big Image I also created a new Block template for page feeds based on that same layout. I added this to the custom CSS however, so I don't have to add CSS to pages and are free to use blocks on any page. This means that I now only need to create a new Page Display template and a Form template before I have a fully customized experience for Pages.
  3. Jimi Wikman

    JWSE 2.0

    Just some sketching and ideas for 2.0.
  4. I played around a bit with a new portfolio design this weekend. I kind of like it so far...
  5. Here are some things I am tinkering with....still testing out new colours for security...
  6. The idea behind My Roles was to have a definition that described what I was doing in my projects. This is still a good idea in my opinion, but I feel it is better to make this more generic. So I will transform this database to be a database of Job Titles. Doing this transformation will open up the concept a bit so I can use it for more member based purposes. Having this being a general database allow me to connect other databases to it instead of just connecting it to the limted space of My Projects. I can for example create a database of people, which I already have created and use to connect the people in project section. This would allow me to create a page for for example a Project manager or Digital designer and then people could add themselves to that page. This could allow members to better display their talent so they culd find work. This also allow me to define the job titles and then add how I work in the role. So it still have a bit of selfishness connected to it
  7. The time to upgrade is here and so far it has been a pretty good experience. I have sucessfully upgraded the site and added the first new design for he JWSE standard series. There are some things to work on however, but nothing major so far. The updated design is not much to talk about as the upgrade was pretty small in terms of design changes. I added a new SVG logo and updated the CSS a bit here and there. I will update more in the future, but for now it works. The plugins also seem to work ok, which is great. As for the new Pages templates I have the JWSE Basic Blog Listing done. This is a good start because now I can adjust that to a full image on top view and a block view version down the road. First though I am going to build the form template so I have that working properly. That way I can add more fields and use tabs or other UI tools to make it useable. Overall Phase 2 has been in the works for a while now, but it got a bit delayed due to a long-lived cold and the late release of invision community 4.5. It's all good now! Photo by Silvia from Pexels
  8. One of the things that I will do when the upgrade is on the way is to build new templates for Pages. As much as I like the Pages SuperGrid from OpenType I don't feel I need another plugin just for setting the template for Pages. It is time to build one on my own from scratch. At the moment I am looking over the alternatives because I will most likely build more than one layout. The block based is a favorite of course, but I will probably do a more traditional one as well with both a small and a big image. I already have a timeline version that I should just clean up and maybe enhance a bit. I am going to play around with CSS Grids I think to see how that works within Invision Community. I will not go for any customizations for this as I do not feel comfortable doing that yet. Maybe for year 3 if time permits. So this will be fun and I have a feeling I will learn a lot from this experience as there a bound to be thing I have not considered yet!
  9. The latest version of Invision Community (4.5) is in Beta now. This means that I can start Phase 2 of the site after the summer most likely. So what is phase 2 and how will it affect things around here? Phase 2 is also year 2 because this summer marks the new beginning when I switched from Wordpress to Invision Community. For the past year I have had a ton of fun on this site and that will continue in Phase 2. Activity on this site has been growing and I hope that will continue in the future. Content have been a bit all over the place, but until recently it has been consistent at least. So with Phase 2 I will not change much. I will do a full upgrade of Invision Community of course and with that comes some new features. I will also use the new standard theme that comes with 4.5 and use that to recreate the design here. I will make some adjustments to the design we have right now to brighten things up a bit according to the new theme, but in general it will be the same. I will make a pass over the content and adjust it a bit. This because some content are not completely setup yet and also so I can better focus the content towards the appropriate audience. I will play around with Google Analytics to track value streams such as signups and downloads. This is mostly for me to see how to set that up and later start toying a bit with A/B tools such as Optimizely. I have added a new usergroup called "Authors" for people that contribute as guest posters. I will make it easier to contribute and I need to build that new post view template so I can add fields for things like reviews. I also need to add the database for Authors so I can help promote people that guest blog. The goal for Phase 2 will still be to have fun. Explore and enjoy the creative process for myself and not so much for the rest of the world. Yet. I'll continue on the slow and steady path to continue to add content over time. One thing that start to feel quite interesting is to add a database for consultant projects. Most sites are pretty bad in terms of design and there is a distinct lack of coordination, which makes it harder to find suitable projects for consultants. I will probably make a special section for the Stockholm area at least. So while things may not look like it is moving very fast, I am working on things behind the scenes. Onwards to Phase 2! Foto av Bess Hamiti från Pexels
  10. While clubs are far from the perfect solution I will focus on the clubs quite a bit to create focused content. In order for this to make any sense I have added a clubs category plugin so I can organize the clubs. This will be important when the clubs numbers will grow quite a bit going forward. The concept will be that everything that makes sense to have a focused group around should have it. That means that methodologies, products and even services can have a club. This will allow for both generic areas such as Videos while at the same time have very focused areas such as Photoshop Tutorials in the Photoshop club. While it will make the generic areas slightly less interesting I think it can make more focused areas more interesting, which should be better short term to build up a community. There will seemingly be less content in the beginning, but this is not a race, it is for the long run. I will try it out and see how it goes. Photo by Mark Angelo from Pexels
  11. Jimi Wikman


    This is a gallery of thoughts and ideas that may or may not end up on the site.
  12. Right now I am in a bit of a creative mood and as such I have created new sections on the site and updated the section colors a bit. This is just the beginning however and I am looking into expanding things more here on the site. I am focusing on Pages as that is the most exciting product for me right now as I can build pretty much anything with it. Right now most of the content is created by me, but hopefully that will change in the future. This means that I should make things a bit easier for people who want to write articles for example. So, what I plan is to build a few new forms to make it easy to extend in the future. For example I am building a new form for the articles using tabs to add new functionality. This way I can have a clean post view focused on writing and still have the option to add things like reviews in separate tabs. The new sections are just the beginning and I will expand on them in the future. I have new databases planned where I right now consider a database for hosting (with affiliate links perhaps?) and a database for Atlassian Apps. The database for hosting will of course end up under Operations and it is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time (well over 15 years). As the site is expanding a bit in terms of content I need to look into content organization from a management perspective. That means that I need to figure out how to structure templates, media and content blocks. Templates in particular is interesting since they are a bit different in terms of usage. Page Templates - allow me to structure the widget areas mostly. I currently pretty much only use the single column page template. Not sure if I need any more Page Templates later on, but for now I am good. Database Templates - there are 5 different template types that define the layout of different views for database Category Listing - This is the view that show the categories of a database. I rarely use this as I prefer to add a categories block on the side and show the database records instead. Featured Records - This is the view that are used to show featured records. Again I rarely use this. Record Listing - This is the view that is used when clicking into a category. This is a view that I already have some variations on and I will create a few standard views so I can use across multiple databases. I already have a few versions here, but I need to organize according to layout as I today have it based on database. Record - This is the view of the actual database entry and it is the one that I customize the most. These will be custom for each database most likely as the fields for each database are unique. Record Form - This is the view for adding new entries to a database. I have just started to look into these and again I will have a few unique forms for different databases. This is because the fields will be unique in most cases. Block Templates - These are the templates that define how different blocks will be displayed. So far I have made very few changes to these templates, but maybe I will look into this in the future. With Invision Community 4.5 around the corner (well...) there are some new features I am waiting for, but overall I feel creative right now. There is plenty of work to do, but in a good way.
  13. I have been struggling a bit about the header blocks since there are some template differences between pages, databases and applications. Now I think i have a solution for it however as I have tested to use raw PHP in the blocks. This allow me to display content based on the URL, which seem to be working fine. Adding a bit of PHP for the blocks was not really very difficult. There are plenty of examples online and I started with a simple url match using the $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] function. $host = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; if($host == '/projects/') { echo ('Whatever you want in here'); } else { echo('Whatever you want in here or leave blank to show nothing'); } I did however need to change this a bit since there are pagination and I want to have the same content on all pages for the pagination. It's easy since there is just a number that is added to the URL for each page. I should make a proper solution for this, but for now I just added the pagination pages in an array. I also tested to include other blocks, which worked fine. This should make things a bit more dynamic if I want that. $host = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; if(in_array($host ,array( "/projects/", "/projects/page/2/", "/projects/page/3/", "/projects/page/4/", "/projects/page/5/" )) ) { echo ('whatever you want here'); } elseif ($host == '/projects/projektledare/') { echo(' {block="gallery_hero"} '); } else { echo(''); } Overall this solve the immediate issue and I can proceed as planned. I just want to make sure I can get the pagination working without manually adding all the pages. That is something to look for tomorrow however as today I am going to sleep and enjoy the progress so far.
  14. While IPS may not support FA5 yet there are ways to allow for this. It requires a minor edit to the custom.css and including the FA5 code in your global template. What you need to add to your custom.css: .fa { font-family: "FontAwesome" !important; } With this and including the FA import code FA5 codes will work as well as all FA4 icons currently included on IPS.
  15. Sorry, you do not have permission for that! INVISIONCOMMUNITY.COM
  16. I took some time this weekend to go over how to create tabs and blocks in IPS and it turned out pretty good. This means another part of the structure on the website is now ready to be used. I am making progress. With the tabs I can now create content with more freedom. I already have a few areas in mind for this where I want to create new content. I can add individual pages or even sections, which makes this amazing in so many ways. I can add for example forums or clubs to any page using the tabs. It is not perfect in any way, but it should serve as a good way to drive people around the site and to gather content in one place for certain topics. Blocks are great and easy to work with as you pretty much just create small lego pieces that you can add anywhere you want. The problem right now with IPS however is that the widget areas only allow you to place blocks into the main content area. This is a problem if you want to add a full width section as the main container will restrict that block. You can of course skip the basic template and build your own and that is what I have been tinkering with this weekend. It is not fully completed yet as I want to add a way to control the blocks in a better way. For now I am just using the IPS structure, but as I need to add the main content css multiple times for those blocks that should not be full width and IPS is not really designed that way. I will add custom classes for that to ensure the code is semantically correct using that setup. Overall I had a good weekend and as always I am amazed on how great it feels to be creative like this. I should do it a lot more!
  17. One of the things I liked about my Wordpress theme was the possibility to add reviews to it. It was a nice feature that had some nice customization options maming it useful for many different types of reviews. I want to add that to this site and take advantage of the power of Pages to make it really flexible. Building the database is pretty easy. Creating the layout is also pretty easy using the same template work as I did for the People section. The tricky bit will be to add the design to the basic relationship template. I don't think it will be hard to get the basics, but I am not really sure yet how to get the built in function for reviews/comments/ratings on the actual review. I will start with an easy version where I will manually add a summary review. Later I might want to have it calculated automatically instead, just to see how that can be done. I might even have some options to choose star ratings or percentage ratings. Just need to create the fields accordingly from the start. I am also building the template so I can have 1-5 ratings with any text. This way I can have have any criteria I want based on the type of review I am making. Movies or hardware can all be in the same template even if the criteria are all different. This will be fun to build!
  18. For now the data I am adding to the database is: Image Name Position Company About Me Interview Personality Type Homepage Linkedin Twitter Skill 1 Skill 1 rating Skill 2 Skill 2 rating Skill 3 Skill 3 rating Skill 4 Skill 4 rating Skill 5 Skill 5 rating Education Anything I have missed?
  19. The people's section is something I have wanted to do for a long time. My thoughts on building that is to promote people and to connect them to this site. It is a lot of fun to meet people and to showcase the amazing people that exist out there. It is also a good way for me to display my network and improve on it in a natural way. The key is to make sure that being listed here is meaningful for the people. So I want to make sure that I have links to webpages, contact information if desired and a way to showcase if you are looking for work or not. I will add interview questions to add some extra something and of course my personal recommendation. I feel that this is something I want to expand on slowly to add more value over time. It will start similar to my profiles I created earlier as blog posts, but then add new features to it to make it more valuable. I will also allow people to add themselves to this section if they want. This way I can allow people to add themselves and help grow that section.
  20. As you can have multiple instances of IPS using one database as the master it could be that I want to break out some dedicated areas as separate entities. Using the same design would be easy as I can just use the same skin. Using the same database for login means that I can grow both areas as one, but still maintain custom setups for each. I am considering this for a movies database for example. Kind of a clone of IMDB, only better.
  21. Invision DSM caught my interest today and I am now a bit excited about testing that out. I already have Sketch of course as well as CRAFT, so it's basically just to start hashing out the design specifications and get this show on the road! I will start by rebuilding the IPS design in Sketch so I have the basic symbols in place. Then I can start working on the good stuff. The symbols will be organized using a standard naming convention and I will probably get a few symbols plugins to help organize things a bit. Colors and fonts is pretty much set, but I will create a few symbols and pages for it. I will probably go for Atomic Design thinking when building the system. Not sure if I need that, but I'll start there to see if that works. This is going to be fun!
  22. As my last assignment now is over I am focusing on My Roles section. This will be my CV kind of area and I am designing the structure of the content now. The idea is that it will follow the same structure as the CV’s we have at Claremont. Building the My Roles section will not be a big project as it is pretty much just standard template work to a move the different fields to where I want them. I have decided not to put any effort into cross database design at this time. Instead I will just link to database entries for now. In total I have 9 roles identified for now. I expect that those will expand later, but I will focus on the first 5 for now. The reason is that I pretty much need to create 5 CV’s in two languages, so I focus on my most popular roles for now. In the My Roles section I will only have english, but I will have both English and Swedish in the Downloads section. This will be both fun and useful. Just the way I want it.
  23. The footer currently is quite weak so a new footer should be added. I have added a new Pinterest mood board for JWSE just to add some ideas and thoughts https://www.pinterest.se/jimiwikman/jwse-mood-board/
  24. With the new designs I am using isometric design elements so I will need to make an investment and buy some graphics I think. I usually go with Shutterstock and considering the pricing I'll probably buy another 750 images package (400 SEK more than the 350 package). Considering my current collection hold 74 images I need to spend some time adding more images so I can download them once I buy the monthly package
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