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  2. I've tried dozens of builds in alpha, but it all changed at release. I was able to try a few builds, ailments, bows. This one did the best.
  3. The Spin 2 Win build in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is a build that I used throughout endgame and handles most encounters easily. It focuses on dealing big AOE damage through Bladestorm to wipe out mobs fast and Bleeding Edge to handle bosses.
  4. The Crusader build in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is a build that makes early endgame easy as it provides both short and medium range abilities mixed with self-healing skills. It focuses on dealing Sacred and Fire damage by taking advantage of instant kill mechanics from the Eos tree. It’s primary ability is Flight of Gaavanir, Bulwark of Dawn and Juggernaut with support from Bleeding Edge and Light-Bringer.
  5. The Plaguelord build in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is a build that I used throughout the campaign and into mid endgame so far. It focuses on dealing quick damage by combining Plagueburst, Infinity Blades, Anomaly and Tear of Etheliel to wipe out mobs fast. It handles bosses decent enough, but you must be careful with positioning.
  6. Wolcen has officially launched and there are so many changes between the version we had and the new one. This guide will help players understand these new updates and hit the ground running! We talk about Apocalyptic Forms, Endgame, Crafting and more! Including some Tips and Tricks from Ol' Vulkan.
  7. Endgame Expeditions are where the best loot is at, this build will allow you to quickly clear maps and collect UNIQUES! The trick of this build comes from the movement boost abilities and chaining turret damage together along with the Trial belt. Turrets are currently at the top of the meta and will shred anything that sits in front of them easily while keeping you safe.
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