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  • ISBN 0321603605

    Neuro Web Design

    By Susan Weinschenk
    What makes them click? The only book that examines nonconscious forces behind user action on the Web. • • The only book that examines the intersection of psychology and user experience and why people take action on a web site. • Helps web designers and developers increase the effectiveness and conversion rates of their websites. • Author is an expert in the field and has been a keynote speaker at user experience and usability conferences. Why does someone decide to buy a product online or regist
    • Published on 2009
    • 147 pages

  • Books Reviews

    • By ©Jimi Wikman · Posted
      While this is a good book and sure pick up for anyone who want a good basic understanding of Jira, it does not really allow you to master it. Ravi's writing is excellent, but for me, it does not add too much to what I already know. For someone new to Jira this however is a treasure trove.
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