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Re-organizing things

Jimi Wikman


I have reviewed the way I organize things on the site in terms of categories and decided to maintain a common structure. I have reordered the calendar, videos and the blog articles for starters and will align all areas with this new structure.

The reason for wanting to align things is of course to make sure I keep content consistent throughout the site. This makes it easier for people to understand the structure and I can maintain expectations on what you will find on the site.

I have removed one node from the top nodes: General. It is because it quickly became a trash bin for all things I did not really have a home for. By removing it I am forced to create new areas or use one of the top nodes. I currently have 3 top nodes: Personal, Professional and Interesting.

Under professional I have decided to split the nodes into:

  • Management - Anything related to management and leadership.
  • Requirement - Requirement analysis on both IT and Business side.
  • Development - Both front end and back end.
  • Test - All things related to quality and test management.
  • Design - UX and Visual design.

For interesting I have created a few nodes based on my own interests:

  • Atlassian - everything related to atlassian.
  • E-commerce - Selling things online
  • Wordpress - Building and configuring things for Wordpress
  • Hosting - everything about hosting as a business and from a user perspective

I will probably add a new node under interesting later on for training, but the idea is that all the nodes under interesting will become it's own hub eventually. So for example Atlassian will have it's own landing page and probably a database over apps with reviews and so on. With the standard categorization it's easy to create landing pages and bring in content from the different areas.

It's slowly getting there 🙂



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