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Time to get nasty in Comp

Jimi Wikman


Yesterday I got my ass kicked in Comp, so now I will be nasty going forward towards the 2100 goal to get the mountaintop. It's time to switch back to my old Titan and put all the nasty on it. You know what that means, don't you?

Yes, that is right. Bottom tree striker with one eyed mask. Truth or Hammerhead for heavy. Recluse or Lunas in energy. Austringer or Last word in Kinetic.  Enhanced hand cannon targeting, Enhanced hand cannon loader, unflinching hand cannon aim, hand cannon dexterity and 4 special ammo finder. We'll top that off with 5 super mods just to be mean.

I will go hunt for an Erentil as well as I don't have a good one yet. I have shotguns as backup with 1-2 punches and max range dustrock and gunnoras axe.

Let's see if this will help me reclaim my lost glory...

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