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Special Interrest: Hosting

Jimi Wikman


One of my great passions is web hosting and domain names. I have been working with this everyday since around 2000 and I know well how hard it is for people to understand what it is they need when they start a website for example. Just as Atlassian and Wordpress are special interrest, Hosting and domain names will also find it's way here.

In a future themed month I will add Hosting as a specialty and with it I will add a hosting database and a set of articles. I will setup some affiliates and look around for ways that the hosting companies can benefit as well. Some ideas include adding a raffle and give away hosting in regular intervals or perhaps using a classifieds system to let the companies sell things. I might also build a separate database for offers and connect them to the hosting database. It all depend on how well the hosting database is received.

I will add Hosting forums in some form. Most likely I will connect the comments from the database entries to the hosting forum. This way all database entries will be given a thread in the hosting forum. For popular hosting companies I might add a Club or something. Could even import an RSS feed directly into the club blog?

Anyway, I have some ideas and as soon as I feel the time is right I will start working on that...


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