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Destroyed in comp

Jimi Wikman


Today I did 3 games in comp before I gave up. It was a complete waste of time and Glory and I should have known better...I am down with a cold and should stay off comp until I get back on my feet. Still I wanted to get some extra points in for that 2100 points I need for mountaintop. Big mistake.

The first game was actually not that bad, but we lost pretty big in a shitty countdown that is almost impossible to win unless you have a full team. According to the stats we were 81% certain to loose. https://destinytracker.com/d2/pgcr/4631193542

Second game was on Altar of flame against a team of cheaters. We got killed instantly and I got shot through the wall twice. We ended up reporting them, but it was still a loss. Stats say we were at negative 79% for this game: https://destinytracker.com/d2/pgcr/4631233529

Last game was probably the worst. Faced 4 at the time in every encounter and we spawned all over the map. Titansmashed and just got outgunned in every turn. My team ran against the enemies like suicide squads, not that we had any options as we spawned alone all the time. The negative 66% did not represent the reality due to the insane spawning. https://destinytracker.com/d2/pgcr/4631266752

I went from a 2 game winning streak to a 3 loss streak in an instant. I hate Altar of Flame with a passion and I even went for the Jötun in the end just to get a kill....

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