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Starting to get the hang of things...

Jimi Wikman


Even though I am not really that focused today since I am home with a cold, I still feel I am starting to get the hang of custom fields for IPS Pages and it's databases. It is not really that hard to reference the fields from the database, which makes it easy to create pretty much any layout I want. Now I just need to focus on which database to focus on first!

Slowly, but surely the databases are getting built and slowly I start to get the hang of the templates system. Adding fields to templates is pretty easy and since I can add CSS on the fly pretty easy as well I feel good about the future of this site. There are still a few things I need to figure out, like how to change language strings on certain databases and how to get the data I want between databases so I can reference things properly.

I will focus on the My Roles database first since September is the About Me month. Since I have started to work with the basicRelationship template, which control the way relation database fields are shown I am going to explore this in more detail. For now I managed to get some basic data through, like:

{{if $item::$customDatabaseId == 8}}
{{foreach $items as $id => $item}}
    {$item->customFieldDisplayByKey('rating', 'display')|raw}


This is very simple, but it allow me to build some specific databases such as reviews and skills for example. I might even be able to build in some more advanced data eventually, but for now this will be a good start I think.

I feel pretty excited, but that could also just be the fever talking...

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