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Transforming My Roles to Job Titles

Jimi Wikman


The idea behind My Roles was to have a definition that described what I was doing in my projects. This is still a good idea in my opinion, but I feel it is better to make this more generic. So I will transform this database to be a database of Job Titles.

Doing this transformation will open up the concept a bit so I can use it for more member based purposes. Having this being a general database allow me to connect other databases to it instead of just connecting it to the limted space of My Projects.

I can for example create a database of people, which I already have created and use to connect the people in project section. This would allow me to create a page for for example a Project manager or Digital designer and then people could add themselves to that page. This could allow members to better display their talent so they culd find work.

This also allow me to define the job titles and then add how I work in the role. So it still have a bit of selfishness connected to it 🙂


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