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Phase 2 on the way

Jimi Wikman


The time to upgrade is here and so far it has been a pretty good experience. I have sucessfully upgraded the site and added the first new design for he JWSE standard series. There are some things to work on however, but nothing major so far.

The updated design is not much to talk about as the upgrade was pretty small in terms of design changes. I added a new SVG logo and updated the CSS a bit here and there. I will update more in the future, but for now it works. The plugins also seem to work ok, which is great.

As for the new Pages templates I have the JWSE Basic Blog Listing done. This is a good start because now I can adjust that to a full image on top view and a block view version down the road. First though I am going to build the form template so I have that working properly. That way I can add more fields and use tabs or other UI tools to make it useable.

Overall Phase 2 has been in the works for a while now, but it got a bit delayed due to a long-lived cold and the late release of invision community 4.5.

It's all good now!

Photo by Silvia from Pexels


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