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Time for Phase 2

Jimi Wikman


The latest version of Invision Community (4.5) is in Beta now. This means that I can start Phase 2 of the site after the summer most likely. So what is phase 2 and how will it affect things around here?

Phase 2 is also year 2 because this summer marks the new beginning when I switched from Wordpress to Invision Community. For the past year I have had a ton of fun on this site and that will continue in Phase 2. Activity on this site has been growing and I hope that will continue in the future. Content have been a bit all over the place, but until recently it has been consistent at least.

So with Phase 2 I will not change much. I will do a full upgrade of Invision Community of course and with that comes some new features. I will also use the new standard theme that comes with 4.5 and use that to recreate the design here. I will make some adjustments to the design we have right now to brighten things up a bit according to the new theme, but in general it will be the same.

I will make a pass over the content and adjust it a bit. This because some content are not completely setup yet and also so I can better focus the content towards the appropriate audience.  I will play around with Google Analytics to track value streams such as signups and downloads. This is mostly for me to see how to set that up and later start toying a bit with A/B tools such as Optimizely.

I have added a new usergroup called "Authors" for people that contribute as guest posters. I will make it easier to contribute and I need to build that new post view template so I can add fields for things like reviews. I also need to add the database for Authors so I can help promote people that guest blog.

The goal for Phase 2 will still be to have fun. Explore and enjoy the creative process for myself and not so much for the rest of the world. Yet.  I'll continue on the slow and steady path to continue to add content over time. One thing that start to feel quite interesting is to add a database for consultant projects. Most sites are pretty bad in terms of design and there is a distinct lack of coordination, which makes it harder to find suitable projects for consultants. I will probably make a special section for the Stockholm area at least.

So while things may not look like it is moving very fast, I am working on things behind the scenes.

Onwards to Phase 2!


Foto av Bess Hamiti från Pexels


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