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Going full Clubs.

Jimi Wikman


While clubs are far from the perfect solution I will focus on the clubs quite a bit to create focused content. In order for this to make any sense I have added a clubs category plugin so I can organize the clubs. This will be important when the clubs numbers will grow quite a bit going forward.

The concept will be that everything that makes sense to have a focused group around should have it. That means that methodologies, products and even services can have a club. This will allow for both generic areas such as Videos while at the same time have very focused areas such as Photoshop Tutorials in the Photoshop club.

While it will make the generic areas slightly less interesting I think it can make more focused areas more interesting, which should be better short term to build up a community. There will seemingly be less content in the beginning, but this is not a race, it is for the long run.

I will try it out and see how it goes.

Photo by Mark Angelo from Pexels


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