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Organizing and creating new templates

Jimi Wikman


Right now I am in a bit of a creative mood and as such I have created new sections on the site and updated the section colors a bit. This is just the beginning however and I am looking into expanding things more here on the site. I am focusing on Pages as that is the most exciting product for me right now as I can build pretty much anything with it.

Right now most of the content is created by me, but hopefully that will change in the future.  This means that I should make things a bit easier for people who want to write articles for example. So, what I plan is to build a few new forms to make it easy to extend in the future. For example I am building a new form for the articles using tabs to add new functionality. This way I can have a clean post view focused on writing and still have the option to add things like reviews in separate tabs.

The new sections are just the beginning and I will expand on them in the future. I have new databases planned where I right now consider a database for hosting (with affiliate links perhaps?) and a database for Atlassian Apps. The database for hosting will of course end up under Operations and it is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time (well over 15 years).

As the site is expanding a bit in terms of content I need to look into content organization from a management perspective. That means that I need to figure out how to structure templates, media and content blocks. Templates in particular is interesting since they are a bit different in terms of usage.

  1. Page Templates - allow me to structure the widget areas mostly. I currently pretty much only use the single column page template. Not sure if I need any more Page Templates later on, but for now I am good.
  2. Database Templates - there are 5 different template types that define the layout of different views for database
    1. Category Listing - This is the view that show the categories of a database. I rarely use this as I prefer to add a categories block on the side and show the database records instead.
    2. Featured Records - This is the view that are used to show featured records. Again I rarely use this.
    3. Record Listing  - This is the view that is used when clicking into a category. This is a view that I already have some variations on and I will create a few standard views so I can use across multiple databases. I already have a few versions here, but I need to organize according to layout as I today have it based on database.
    4. Record - This is the view of the actual database entry and it is the one that I customize the most. These will be custom for each database most likely as the fields for each database are unique.
    5. Record Form - This is the view for adding new entries to a database. I have just started to look into these and again I will have a few unique forms for different databases. This is because the fields will be unique in most cases.
  3. Block Templates - These are the templates that define how different blocks will be displayed. So far I have made very few changes to these templates, but maybe I will look into this in the future.

With Invision Community 4.5 around the corner (well...) there are some new features I am waiting for, but overall I feel creative right now. There is plenty of work to do, but in a good way.


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