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Figuring out tabs and blocks

Jimi Wikman


I took some time this weekend to go over how to create tabs and blocks in IPS and it turned out pretty good. This means another part of the structure on the website is now ready to be used. I am making progress.

With the tabs I can now create content with more freedom. I already have a few areas in mind for this where I want to create new content. I can add individual pages or even sections, which makes this amazing in so many ways. I can add for example forums or clubs to any page using the tabs. It is not perfect in any way, but it should serve as a good way to drive people around the site and to gather content in one place for certain topics.

Blocks are great and easy to work with as you pretty much just create small lego pieces that you can add anywhere you want. The problem right now with IPS however is that the widget areas only allow you to place blocks into the main content area. This is a problem if you want to add a full width section as the main container will restrict that block. You can of course skip the basic template and build your own and that is what I have been tinkering with this weekend.

It is not fully completed yet as I want to add a way to control the blocks in a better way. For now I am just using the IPS structure, but as I need to add the main content css multiple times for those blocks that should not be full width and IPS is not really designed that way. I will add custom classes for that to ensure the code is semantically correct using that setup.

Overall I had a good weekend and as always I am amazed on how great it feels to be creative like this. I should do it a lot more!



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