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Diablo 3 - Season Journey

Jimi Wikman


After a long hiatus I decided to drop back into Diablo 3 again. Mostly because I wanted to try out the new sets for Monk and Crusader, but also because I wanted to grab that pet and portrait. As always it started slow and I still don't have the Golden Flense to make the Roland set very useful. Still, it gave me what I needed to get started with grinding for the Valor set.

Getting the Valor set was actually very fast as I got lucky with the items. It took me about a day to get GR70 ready without optimized gear or even gems at any particular level. I also steamrolled through the season journey and I only have a few items left before I can close down the full journey.

Skärmavbild 2019-12-05 kl. 23.49.07.png

Next will be to do the set dungeon and I'll probably do the Invoker or the Seeker of light since I have all the items I need for those. After that it's just a whole lot of grinding for gems, extract some cube powers and of course the three conquests. Fortunately they are pretty easy this season and I am thinking I will go with:

  1. On a good day - Level up 3 gems to 65. Still need to this as part of the journey so it's kind of a free one.
  2. Divinity - Solo a GR75. Should not be a problem at all as I already did a GR70 with this gear without issue.
  3. The Trill - GR45 with no set items. With the Legacy of Dreams gem this should be easier than ever.

I feel that this build is probably the most fun build I have used in quite some time. I should have this journey wrapped up in a day or so depending on how much time I feel like spending on grinding GR's for those gems...


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