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Jimi Wikman


One of the things I liked about my Wordpress theme was the possibility to add reviews to it. It was a nice feature that had some nice customization options maming it useful for many different types of reviews. I want to add that to this site and take advantage of the power of Pages to make it really flexible.

Building the database is pretty easy. Creating the layout is also pretty easy using the same template work as I did for the People section. The tricky bit will be to add the design to the basic relationship template. I don't think it will be hard to get the basics, but I am not really sure yet how to get the built in function for reviews/comments/ratings on the actual review.

I will start with an easy version where I will manually add a summary review. Later I might want to have it calculated automatically instead, just to see how that can be done. I might even have some options to choose star ratings or percentage ratings. Just need to create the fields accordingly from the start.

I am also building the template so I can have 1-5 ratings with any text. This way I can have have any criteria I want based on the type of review I am making. Movies or hardware can all be in the same template even if the criteria are all different. 

This will be fun to build!

Skärmavbild 2019-12-05 kl. 11.13.35.png


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