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Vex Final assault - how it could have been done

Jimi Wikman


I think it's clear by now that the Final Assault did not live up to the hype. It's simply a matter of managing expectations, but it could have been done a bit different to make it a bit more exciting. Here is my take on what could have been done.

The final assault is the culmination of the season. It should close the story arc and make way for the new season. It should also tie into the activities around the vex invasions, such as the Black Garden. So the first part can stay pretty much the same and you do the encounters as normal.

Once you kill the vex Minotaur and pick up the loot you need to use the tether mechanics from the raid to open up the big portal. This will take you to a new area inside/outside the black garden where the undying mind is waiting for you.

The area is a square with 3 corners (as you spawn in one of the corners) guarded by unstoppable ogres and champions. In the middle you have the undying mind behind a shield similar to the one in Eater of Worlds. Above the area you have snipers spawning to make your life a bit miserable.

The mechanics is simple: Go to each of the 3 corners and unlock an orb using the tether mechanics. Each corner have an orb of a certain element and you need all 3 to unlock the undying mind. You only need to do this once with each element.

Once all 3 orbs have been used you lower the shield and can damage the undying mind. The yellow shield can not be pierced using anti-barrier mods so you need to move around like normal to hit the opening.

Once defeated you get a short movie sequence and then a quest item for next season. Both will pave the way for the events in next season in some way and it does not have to be much. Perhaps a clue to next seasons artifact?

For rewards I would suggest adding something small, yet useful. Add a new mod as guaranteed on first completion along with a curated weapon that we have not seen yet in the invasion. Maybe a mod for sidearms like extended sidearms range useful for PVP to let you bring up an underused archetype or something like that. Or why not add something that will give you an advantage in the Garden of Salvation raid...or maybe even old raids?

Then for repeatability give the undying mind encounter a chance (can be very small) to drop enhanced mods, material and why not a snowballs chance in hell chance to drop exotics even. It makes it more enticing to grind the event even if it's quite long and you can allow players to get some additional mods if they miss it in their collection.

You can increase this even more by adding better rewards each week for the last 3 weeks by adding more difficulties. 950 this week, 960 next week and last week 980 for the truly hardcore people.

In short we do not need huge new mechanics and unique drops. Just add some incentive to play the event and then close the current arc and pave way for the new.

Just my thoughts.


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