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Raid guides in Destiny 2 -The true guardians of hope

Jimi Wikman


Doing a raid in Destiny 2 is still a very exclusive experience. The majority of players never experience is as the activity not only require six people, but also a lot of communication. Having good raid guides that have patience and the ability to guide people through a raid is invaluable. In the clan I belong to we have some great raid guides and it is one of the reasons I like it so much.

Being in a clan is not for everyone. I have tried a few before I found the one I am in now. If you are a bit introvert in your gaming it becomes even more difficult because you probably want to play alone quite a lot. If you are not in a clan and you want to raid, then you need to go through the LFG (Looking For Group). This means that you will be joining a group of strangers that can be anyone from anywhere. This is a very scary place for many and it is why so many never raid.

So once you find a clan that feels secure and fit your personality, then that clan need some good raid guides. It may seem easy enough, but it is actually not as easy as you think. To be a good raid guide you need patience, a ton of patience. Most new raiders are chatty from tension and excitement and as the raid is executed they do a lot of mistakes. This increases as the raid goes on as the mechanics become more complex and the energy levels of the players go down. This can drive anyone insane, so you need to have a ton of patience.

You need to be good at explaining things. Most players know very little of the mechanics or have watched a guide online. This is not the same as actually playing the raid as theory is not the same as practice. Having the ability to explain things that for you is easy and logical to people over discord with little to know idea of what you are talking about is a hard skill to learn. Some people require visual aid, so make sure you have that ready if needed as well.

It is also very important to have the confidence to ask people to be quiet during the explanations. Some feel uncomfortable doing this, but it will help the group a lot as it is easy to miss a crucible step if there is a lot of chatter going on.


Since I joined the clan I am in now I have done 26 raids.  This is all thanks to great raid guides like Darkimakura, who often guide us newbies into the various raids.  This was something I could never dream of a year ago and it is all thanks to the true guardians of hope: Our Raid Guides.

May the light bless you.



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