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Destiny 2: Pit of heresy - first descent

Jimi Wikman


After attempting a few times to get past the first encounter solo and then getting some help getting through the Xenophage quest I ventured into the pit of heresy with 2 other players who had never done the pit before. Dakelabal was a bit on the low end on light levels and me and Excalibeard are both terrible at jumping. It was assumed it would be a few deaths and some frustration to get the pit done. The reality though was that it was actually pretty fun and not at all as difficult as assumed.

We started of with a bit of a bug in the Necropolis are where we could not get any swordbearers to spawn. Once we got that we did quick work with the three bosses after some explaining from me as the designated guide. It is always great to have good clan members with you that just know what to do almost instantly. Once all bosses was taken care of we dropped down to the next encounter.

Before heading into the Tunnels of despair, we went over the map quickly before heading out. Both Dakelabal and Excalibeard took care of the doors like pros while I got the last ghost fragment on the left side of the map. Despite this being a bit frustrating as the ogres camped quite a lot this was done in a whiffy thanks to my awesome team mates. We quickly moved on to the next area.

Chamber of suffering is an appropriate name and I died quite a few times here. Fortunately Dakelab and Excalibeard proved more endurable so we got this done without to much of a problem. I should probably drop my rift more often and perhaps switch to well next time to make it a bit easier. We picked up some loot and moved on to next encounter.

After a few attempts to get through the swirling traps we got down to the Harrow. We quickly got a bit lost and me and Excalibeard proved just how great our jumping skills are. Fortunately Dakelabal is a master jumper and a great cartographer so with combined effort we managed to find our way down to the next area. The Harrow is mostly hard to navigate and the encounters are not that hard really.

The final boss in Cradle of Damnation was next and after having watched videos of other trying to get this done I expected a frustrating situation with several attempts before triumph. That did not happen, but I did manage to demonstrate the awesomeness of Warlock jumping by dying before even getting to the right platform.  We did die in the first attempt when the fire blasted us and because I failed to mention that you have to be in the green area to do damage. The second attempt went smooth and we did not rush things. Instead we did it in three phases, taking things slow and safe.

We claimed some pinnacle gear and our emblem and that was the first real run down the Pit of Heresy for me, Dakelabal and Excalibeard.


Some lessons I learned:

  • Take your time and stay together. Not much in the pit is a problem if you stay close so you can resurrect each other. Don't rush the encounters, but stay calm and enjoy the ride together.
  • In chamber of suffering bring a well if you are a warlock, a bubble if you are a titan and I assume tether works well to do crowd control. Bring Izanagi's if you have it. I used the Rewoker and it was a bit under powered here. Might be worth trying Xenophage after the buff as well. Just make sure you can deal with the firebombers and the sniper up top and the rest will be fine.
  • It is easy to get stressed in the boss fight, but just stay together and you will be fine. Make sure you have at least of person on ad control in each tower and two that help clear the way for the orb bearer.
  • Focus on resurrections as most encounters are not very time sensitive in that way that you have plenty of time to get things done.
  • Have fun and enjoy the view. This is a pretty awesome area with some fun activities, so don't just rush through it. It's easy to make a mistake, so just enjoy the ride together with your team mates.




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