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Garden of salvation - First attempt

Jimi Wikman


Yesterday I joined a team of awesomeness to do a Garden of Salvation run. It was my first attempt and despite good effort we did not manage to take down the boss at the end. We were a bit to tired and lacked firepower more than anything else I think. Still, I got a ton of boots and it was a fun experience overall.

I joined in with my Warlock as I have a slight passion for it at the moment. I used the void-nade setup for the first 2 encounters and then switched to the well in the third and fourth encounter. I missed to change the jump, which is one of the reasons I failed a bit with the jumping bit. I also rocked a slight fever as I have a cold.

First encounter was pretty easy, even if we failed a few times doing the challenge of not killing the Cyclops. For me the challenge was to know where the boxes where and try to get the distance in the tether right. I actually had more problem making the jump between the rooms than anything else as i died twice there from failing to jump (warlock jump....). We got two chests from this encounter and I got two pair of boots. We then moved to do the Divinity puzzles before moving to encounter two.

The second encounter also felt pretty easy. Mostly because we had two very good roamers. I defended the left side and did not really experience any issues with it. Out of all encounters I think this one was the easiest for me. Second loot chest gave me a shotgun.

Third encounter was also not very tricky, but as I switched to well and forgot to change the jump I failed a few times making the jump. I was on boss killing duty, which we got the hang of eventually. We died once or twice to exploding enemies, but mostly it was due to jumping my team failed. Once I switched to the right jump it became a lot easier to make the jumps. I forgot to move forward in the boss killing phase and was a bit slow getting the Izanagi shots off. For some reason I had several times where I would reload when switching the Izanagi, wasting time and bullets. Not sure why that happened, but it was a bit annoying. From this encounter I got the pulse rifle.

The boss encounter have one element that I think is just annoying and that is rebuilding platforms. I never got it right so I moved over to invasion which was much easier for me. We failed mostly because we did not kill the enemies integrating and stealing motes. At this point we were all pretty tired and continued to make small mistakes, which of course meant that we wiped a lot. I feel we did not have the proper focus and did not have the organization we needed. It's not really a hard encounter, just chaotic due to the many elements and the platform restoration that forces you to split your attention.

We gave up on this encounter as it was getting very late and we did not improve really. We did silly mistakes like screwing up the boss mechanics just before the damage phase by stepping into the tether and of course failing to prevent integration for various reasons.

With a coordinated team this should be pretty easy to complete as the mechanics are not that bad. I appreciate the patience of our clan for helping me and another player through even if we had never done this before and messed up a lot. We may have failed to reach the goal this time, but we did all oz the Divinity steps and the hidden chests. This was a great training session for me and I think next try will be much easier, for me at least.



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