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Nightfall The Ordeal 980 - Suffering for a crappy ship

Jimi Wikman


Yesterday me, LordVektor and Furryl1zzard went through the pain of doing a Nighfall: The Ordeal at 980 difficulty.  For me this was the last piece needed to complete the collection for this season, which is a requirement for the seal of Undying. The ordeal is quite appropriate for this activity as it took us hours to complete after much pain and suffering.

I have done 950 without feeling to bad about it, but climbing to 980 with the insane modifiers was not challenging. It was madness. Pretty much everything killed you in one or a few shots and you had to waste ton of ammo on even the weakest enemies. Not even with 2 Izanagis and a Divinity could we kill the champions. We just wasted ammo, which was scarce to say the least due to the modifiers:

  • Martyr
  • Champions: Overload
  • Champions: Barrier
  • Root Algorithm
  • Equipment Locked
  • Match Game
  • Champions: Mob
  • Famine

I will say that this was not so bad until you get to the tower itself. This is when the Champions start to spawn and with Mob this creates pretty bad choke points. We had the first room inside the tower spawn 5+ champions in one room plus a bunch of other enemies. Since even peeking into the room was pretty much instant death Furryl1zzard switched to a titan with wall shield and ran through until they de-spawned.

This turned out to be the tactics we used for the rest of the run until we got to the final boss. We had no way to take out the champions as they would just group up on you and fully heal as you died. It was very slow and painful, but it got us through eventually.

nightfall-the ordeal 980.jpg

In the final boss encounter we first got melted instantly. We then did 5+ runs just to get enough ammo for an attempt to kill the boss due to the Famine modifier. Once loaded up we could finally take on the boss and thanks to some pretty amazing evasions from Furryl1zzard we would bring the boss down.

Overall this was a painful and not very fun activity that I do not see myself doing again anytime soon. The fact that you must do this before the season end to get the seal of Undying is not very good as it will prevent a lot of players from even attempting to get this seal.

For me this means that my collection is complete and the only activity remaining is the final Vex assault on the 19th.

undying seal progress.jpg


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